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Intergalactic SLUTS: Promoted

Of course it's a pleasure to talk today about ....

Would you begin watching a series from its second season? When the series is a 'space opera' sort of feature, created by a crazy sadist director with a passion for plot twists and the 'anyone can die' Game of Thrones approach? I hope you would, but in a way I also hope you won't!

A long time ago, in a cliffhanger far far away...

Well, I hope you won't...have to do it ! Because Intergalactic SLUTS is a production you really should be familiar with already if you have any interest for SL adult filmaking, representing its most original and characteristic side, joining sexual fantasies and scenarios with the ambition to create something memorable. "The possibilities are endless as ones imagination" is the line that Miss Emily used in her first detailed post about the project when it began, and that just about sums it up.
Oh, here is where I usually talk about how easy by comparison it is to make a series like this become reality in SL, when it would need to have a multi-milion budget in RL. That's it, though: easy by comparison.

For an extensive behind the scenes, check out this blog post, showing off many new and olds sets

Because making IGS Season one certainly was no easy task. Over 200 minutes of finished product, around 30 cast members with at least one sex scene, and this season already has 10 new announced. The budget as reported reached the astonishing figure of 450'000 L$, and that of course can't monetize the amount of hours spent by the collective efforts of each cast member and by the producer, director, 'special effects department'.
And that is the past. With, again, this second season announcing itself to be even more complex than the previous. More sets to be made, and miss Emily spends an unbelievable amount of time adapting and tweaking and flat out building those, and a large effort that went even in the costume design aspect. You can read all about it here

Plot twists, deaths and all the sorts, you missed out if you did not see the season finale!

If you are followers of Miss Emily's group/blog(s) you have been already exposed, one would hope, to her promotional effort for the series. Including a series of pretty darn neat pictorials made by returning star of the series Racheal Rexen. The hype train made a stop every week reminding you of the previous episodes, and if you kept up with that, that is pretty neat!

One of the returning (and quite surely alive!) cast members of season, Dr. Zoey Winsmore, in one of Racheal's pictorials

Are you also a fan of the series then? If so by now you have watched the episode, or are close to doing it. Go on and do so! You might be left with more questions than the cliffhanger of the last season gave you, though, and you might not like some of the answers given, sparingly, by this one!

Which begins with quite a shocker. To quote the 'Imdb-style' (Emdb?) page about the series...

June 2016: Season 2 picks up 5 1/2 months after Season 1 ended
Captain Emily is dead and Commander Miggins is the new Captain.

Captain Miggins browsing her cookbook, looking for the elusive recipe of the Ikea meatballs.  

Hey, you know that in fiction ( also in reality, usually), to have someone officially proclaimed dead you must see the body, but Heads have been rolling all season, and the joke is on us, Emily has pulled a Ned Stark on us. (I know, I know, 'or has she' ?)

Swords, guns, intrigue and some of the most outrageous situations you can fathom, and Season 2 will have more!

I am using the words of a wise (and sometimes even sober) man, season 1 star Larry Vinaver and telling you: "what you have here is the 'link' between the first and second season; it is a necessary 'briefing' for the viewer to bring them up to date and wet their appetite for the action to come, builds the suspense also tempts their impatience and excitement to see it".

Yes, IGS is all about wetting the appetite, as Larry said... You did think that I forgot to post porn pics, huh?

It is that, and parts of it without a doubt can be appreciated much better only with knowledge of the past events and some investment in the story. Like the whole 'life is moving on and the crew needs to survive' feel through the episode, with a passing of the torch between Emily and Sandy as main character crowned with just one line followed by a meaningful camera motion. Emily is no more.

New and old faces in the series, with a lot more to happen for both!

Then again, there's a lot of new blood in this series, and the budding relationship between the new character Candy and Anyka is built up striking all the right chords, together with the 'sense of wonder' infused by the action being moved in a new location, one castle that announces to be busier than Camelot in the Holy Grail intermission. No, it's not called Castle Cum-a-lot....I think not, at least.

Moonie, Katrinova and Kei Frequency are amongst the new cast members. Complete (so far !) list here.

Emily's series doesn't require any blogging effort on my part, with every possible tidbit and promotional material avalaible on Flickr, her blog, and easy to find through her impeccable organization.
This post is simply an invitatio once more to take an interest in the series.

" This series is the best SL porn I've seen, partly due to format.  The use of text screens to communicate dialog, narration and story line is so innovative, and it opened up a whole new world of creativity and a freedom to shape the series.  The cast is just plain terrific.  And the special effects have leveled up this series to a new high in terms of production.  The result of all these things is a series that's strength is not just sex scenes, although we have plenty of hot ones, but also the way it draws the viewer into the ongoing story's twists and turns.  Like a good RL TV series does." 
- Ali Lancrae

Everyone has their unique viewing habits: I am a binge watcher of series, I am bad at keeping up and when I download (legally of course - coughs- ...good that there is no possible misunderstanding about SL series, being no-profit ventures) something serial, I usually do it with a bunch of episodes. SLUTS is still easy to catch up with, in its 10 ( one , two , three , four , five six , seven , eight nine , ten ) episodes. You are certainly not late to start watching it if you haven't yet!

Enjoy this first episode, after the jump!

Intergalactic SLUTS 2x01 Captain Miggins

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