Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Have I done! 6/22: Swallow Your Pride

As usual, we enjoy opening the Sexiest Pornstars blog to all sorts of contributions that stimulate the imagination of the sensual photographer in you and keep that pesky "IM BORED WHAT DO I DO" bug. In fact, saying 'open to' is misleading. The blog tries to be nothing but a reflection of the activities from and for the Sexiest Pornstars group members, a group so very diverse and often not focused on sexual activities but rather on the visual arts aspect.

P.A.S.S Swallow your Pride - Alexandria Topasz Alexandria Topaz's photo, 1st placed in the contest won the 5k gift card from the sponsor!

The most notable initiative of the past couple of weeks has again been promoted by the Porn Actresses Support System group, in the person of the owner, serial covergirl Brea Brianna. The theme of this contest was "Swallow your pride": no mystery from the title already which store sponsored it. The contestants who expressed their interest were given a specific outfit (dress plus belly piercing), and were tasked to make an effective promo photo. I'm very happy to publish the winning 5 pictures here, and the very close runner-ups as well, since they are such sexy photos.

Swallow your Pride
by Woiven

Swallow your Pride
Ella Tyran, by Manuel Tyran

by Katina Cazalet

Swallow your Pride
by Lara Sands-Dieterle

I am sure the group owner Brea together with the sponsor in the person of the very amiable Xo Mai will try and make this contest a traditon: I hate cliches like only someone who has to use them every day (whenever I blog) can do, but everyone was a winner with this contest, leaving one dress and one experience richer!

Swallow your Pride
by Kitten Monster

by CeCeJenee

Swallow your Pride
by Monique LeFry

by Athena

by MissyLovesu

Swallow your Pride
Zoe De Ange, by Carla Draesia

Swallow your Pride
by Aida Lundquist

Swallow your Pride
by Rhysianne

by Rachel Avro

That being said, the girls in P.A.S.S. and every other pornstar do not need the L$ incentive to measure themselves with contests and such. Even if Brea does always offer something to the winner. :-)
The theme for the next weekly contest of the group is "SULTRY IN SATIN".
You have until the 29th of June to submit your photo, to the P.A.S.S. Flickr  group.

Good luck to everyone involved!

PASS join my group !!

I was also pleased to see (regardless of my personal partecipation in it) 2 photographers from the group on the podium of the Phone Box Contest promoted by one of the best spots for photographers and lovers of the arts in general, Alanis Gallery! Big congrats to Laura Demonista and Sasquatch Rhino!

Photo Contest entry from Laura Demonista

Photo Contest entry from Sas

More contests happen all the time, and I'm always willing to put the outcome and more importantly, the invitations to partecipate here on the blog. Drop in my IM box or in the comments here your suggestions and reports!
One for instance is, the contest group launched by Bibble Sugartooth for her specific contest flickr group: time is nearly up, you have until the 25th to publish your SEXY IN SWIMSUITS photo, right here at this url!

I'm ready. Are you ready?
Contest moderator and resident beefcake Jake Raven

" This Month's Theme is: Sexy In Swimsuits
Only single pictures
Only one person on the picture
Doesnt matter if its a man or a girl
Entries will close on the 25th of june ... any picture you post after the 25th of june will be rejected and not accepted into the contest.. the pictures that are uploaded before the 25th of june will be in the contest! so better hurry :)  
Please read the rules. if you dont i will take your picture off if its not the right picture for the theme :) "
King Of The Ocean
photo by Kayla Bombastic, featuring JohnnyWhadd (Johnny is the one on top...I say it just in case)

There are always interesting 'memes' and themes that we can get going, besides the ever popular Toples Tuesday, Happy Ass Monday who drive good Ali crazy keeping up with all of them!
Make a flickr group for your contests (it's a must), and make one for your memes and intiatives , is my suggestion, so it's easier to follow them !  But feel free of course to tell me more about them and use the group to promote them. that. Damn, I usually put this in italics at the end, or something!

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