Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hello! Pornstars - June 11th 2016

Erin Cedarbridge by Scotty @ Porn*Stars Beach

Saturday is the day of the always well trafficked and of course World Famous party at Porn*Stars beach! With one of the best and most consistent paparazzi in the person of Erin Cedarbridge. You can follow her photo endeavours on her flickr and on the SL*Porn blog, regularly every week.

  porn Star party 3-19 Part 1
A montage by Scotty @ (the World Famous!!! ) Porn*Stars beach

We are of course happy to publish your own party photos, like the very original ones from Scotty (Scottr07) up and below. Pornstars Parties are a great way to meet tons of beauties, talented photographers, directors, and all sort of naughty stuff can happen in there!

porn Star party 3-19 Part 2

porn Star party 3-19 Part 3
More from Scotty this spring @ (the World Famous!!! ) Porn*Stars beach

We do have our own exclusive paparazzi shot as well, of course, courtesy of the Sunday and Friday official Pornstars Party dj and host, Yana Grau. Enjoy the photos from May 29, first batch!
And see you at her party, tomorrow @ Club Yana of course!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

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