Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello! Pornstars - June 5th 2016


Partee by Thorgal @ Club Yana

It's Sunday, and it's time to end your weekend with yet another Pornstars party. I can't help but keep thinking of Partee when I see swimsuits, after her epic nearly-30-models shoot that you find on this month's Attention magazine. She'll be there at the party today at Club Yana, and at one point probably wearing nuthin'. Just as shown by the gorgeous photo by Thorgal McGillivary from a few pornstars parties back.

Tammy @ Yana's Party

Tammy Jones Pinedo by Sunday Whitewood @ Yana's

The most notable photographers at the Sunday party are always the eclectic french photographer and daily namesake herself, Sunday Whitewood, and the sexy Tammy Jones.

 Sun 2016-05-22
Sunday Whitewood by Tammy Jones @ Yana's

Without further ado, let's have a look at some more of the hottest photos from Tammy's stream and from Yana Grau's stash of action snapshots! Can't wait to se you at the party again!

Rachel Avro 2016-05-22

Star-Lord 2016-05-22

Heather Ashford 2016-05-22 - 3

kayleejames 2016-05-22

Scotty 2016-05-22

AlexisFutanari 2016-05-22

CJ 2016-05-22

Gangrul 2016-05-22

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

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