Friday, June 24, 2016

Wanna Flick? And Wanna Be a Porn_Star?

What movies should you watch this weekend? There's always a lot of them around, and even more are being made! Today, a little spotlight about a prolific director, and the first episode of what promises to be a new exciting series...

  Casting Call - Porn Stars

Well, with such a name, of course I'd blog "Porn stars - The Series" on The Sexiest Pornstars blog! It's kinda the point of it, no? And this series at its first episode has an open casting call going on, as shown here...

Members of the in-world Sexiest Pornstars group can easily find the notecard application form in the notice history, from Kayla Whittaker from Digital Visage. An experienced pornographer who means business during her shoots, Kayla has one of the 'closest to rl' approaches to porn from my point of view. While I had the chance to blog memorable feats of imagination and originality from her, and her humour and taste for quirky and experimental shots surfaces in certain choices and moments in many production of hers...

...she certainly has one of the most no-nonsense approaches to porn making. This series promises exactly this: feature the pornstars of SL, experienced and aspiring alike, regardless of gender and orientation, in pure sex videos in her style. The first lucky one was Martin Wallace (mow2014) but many more to come.

Sex from start to finish, with the camera not missing a beat of these very carnal meetings. Kayla's filming efforts have unfolded in many series ('Black Cock Whore Diary' and 'Cheating Wife' come to mind) , and I am sure many of you are curious to see who will get folded up accordion-style next!

While I am on the subject, and waiting to cover more of this series and some of the past, I'd like to also spotlight (the term is appropriate) the second next more recent movie by Kayla. Which, despite the title, is not a PSA about STDs in SL or a documentary about international politologist L. Lohan.

With a very unusual choice in lighting, "Sex On Fire" is a great example in my opinion of the filmakers tool Kayla possesses and uses, primarily the felicitous angle choices and that taste for raw and relentless sex that is a signature of Kayla's filmed sex.

Everyone loves a good pounding with a curvy girl, mhm? I do hope that you will take a look into Kayla's production. She can be an incentive for all the filmakers out there, to let their cameras roll, find your best angle, and make some porn! Sometimes experimenting with windlight alone can produce noteworthy results that will set apart your movies from the rest.

And some other times, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Just film a good fuck. A kinky situation. Show what captivates your imagination and tickles your fancy. This movie does for instance particularly well on bodily details but also in the rendition of the facial expression dynamics. Some pretty intense porn faces!
Speaking of something that tickles and of kinky situations, check out another example of Kayla's subtly unconventional production (and close relationship with technology...) when you look at The Sybian...

Sometimes, you don't even need another co-star, just let the camera roll, edit, add the appropriate sounds. Certain stylistic choices are not obvious at all, like making a movie clip with no music score to it: the constant droning sound of the vibrator and the natural tempo of the moan prove to be the best soundtrack for Kayla's unapologetic porn display.

And speaking of unapologetic, I DO apologize for the usual lenght of the post: in the end, and even more so for pure sex clips, all these words are just meant to be something you can peek at sorta 'explain' and giving context to what is already plain to see....and actually has being 'in your face' as its best virtue! Just peek at the clips, after the jump.

This is the jump, and this is when i tell you to write me so we can make a blog post about your work!

Porn Stars - 1 

Sex On Fire 

The Sybian 

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