Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wanna Flick? Tales of Auditions and Buses

Movie time! What do we have today? Ohh, it has been a while since I last covered a video from Naughty Eclips Studios, and in the past month mister Ves The Rising Sun together with his partner Asari Dark Sun have been active a lot!

New Series from Naughty Eclips Studios

Beginning with Asari's 'tales of lust' as she dubbed them in the group notices, aka...'Asari's Cum Tales episode 1', set to be the first in a 5 part series. It stars Big Daddy Ves in the flesh and a very naughty Asari. What's this tale about? guessed it, it involves cum and it has a happy ending!

New from Naughty Eclips Studios - Bus Stop Pleasures

Bus Stop Pleasures sees the foxy Fire Rhytm Pulse taking a stroll downtown, get on the wrong side of tracks, and ...well perhaps it IS the right side. At the bus stop, she rides the double dick-er (uh that was a bad one) with Ves and with YoungxKing.

New from N.E.S Candi's Naughty Audition

And finally, the most recent one is one good ole' audition movie! It's not japanese so it does not involve any torture: just the pleasure to see newcomer Fire Candi getting her break-in, with hunky director Ves and that sexy cameragirl in the background Asari.

These active efforts from Ves can only please us of course, considering how important it is to have active and original filmakers on the scene. All the movies of Naughty Eclipse have a professional presentation, including the nice movie posters you have seen from Asari, who also works on her flickr with behind-the-scenes shoots

On Set #17 video N.E.S

N.E.S - Scenes from the next upcoming Video Ft. Deon Mccray in 1st his film

Behind the scenes of Bus Stop Pleasures from NES

When you check out these movies, you are sure to find lots of ebony beauties, straight hot action with non-stop pace, much to the crowd's cheers! Well yes, I am a fan of the tendency for their productions to evolve into series, and their desire to involve different actors and actresses, giving opportunities to newcomers.

I also am a big fan of their choice of soundtracks, some catchy tunes there for sure that are not normally in play list but that fit so well the type of scenario and esthetics of these productions. Small aspect maybe, but I do enjoy it.

So, as we wait for Asari to write the next episodes of her Cum tales, there's the movies, after this jump!

writing my next Cum Tale
Let me know if you would like a post about your productions, movies or not! I love to feature your work here

Candi's Naughty Audition 

Bus Stop Pleasures 

Asari's Cum Tales Episode 1 

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