Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: July's Out!

Can't wait for July to begin? Well step into it already with the July issue of...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #10 (July 2016)

I admit it, since the first impact with a new issue of SL Connoisseur is (obviously!) with its cover, I am always tempted to sprint through it to get to bask in the glory of a new pictorial by the wonderful Cream Release. Who has been shooting throughout these months with remarkable ability some of the brightest stars in the world of the SL adult entertainment scene (and me).
In this issue, it's the turn of multi-award winning photographer Spirit Demure-Rust.

SL Connoisseur tastes like strawberry and licorice! ...ok maybe not. Stick to reading it and don't try to lick it !

But as I browse through the magazine, the splashy pages of SL Connoisseur turn out to be molasses for the eyes, and I just have to keep digging in. You can't help but being appreciative of the efforts made by the committed and motivated staff under the direction of Edvard Taurion, whose contributions you won't see in other magazines on the scene, making SL Connoisseur a mag with a distinct individuality, and identity as well. A lifestyle magazine unlike any other. "Always original", as underlined in the intro by mr. Taurion.

Every interview is different from the next, and the personality of the interviewed is a huge difference!

On this issue, what the cover says and more. There are interviews with designers with close ties to our porn community such as Selina Anatra, and more 'mainstream' ones conducted by Asalah Blauvelt and the ever dependable Onisa Lundquist, who once more is in charge of the Pet of the Month pictorial...
This month it is the turn of Margarita ' Margie' Blanco and her new face!

The rest not so new but absolutely still in mint condition!!

And with Beccha being the vivacious explorer with interviews and reports from different locations. Including in this month's issue a trip to one location who is creating some buzz on flickr and around many 'insiders' of the industry, mantained by one person with solid porn accolades back in the day, Lorenz Beerbaum. We might have to talk about the Billionaire club a while again in the future.

An everyday scene from the Billionaire Club, scouted by Beccha!

Edvard welcomes always your feedback and contributions, and is striving to improve with his staff a magazine that aims to offer quality to the reader and has some real gems in its lineup who would be the envy of any blazoned publication. To tighten further the relationship with the reader, SL Connoisseur has a in-world fan group of course, and again is organizing a party for its release.

Laura Richards's erotic story is the ideal closure for the magazine, ending it on a sophisticated, unique note.

With pride and joy we present you new ~SL~ Connoisseur Magazine for July, full of original interviews, reviews and pictures. promo party for magazine will be Sunday noon slt with DJ Onisa and raffle for *KL* Fetish Bed KiKi-Pink Doll. Hope to see you all there. 

Laura and other stars of the magazine at the first ever party, photographed by new editor Dea Santis

So all in all! Get a copy of the magazine on Marketplace ! Get it through the inworld kiosks, get one at the party! Have a peek and as mr. Taurion always encourages, give your feedback. Magazines thrive on that sort of relation with the fans!

I am always happy whenever time allows to give coverage to your creations. Contact me, Katina Cazalet, in world, I'd love to have a look at what you have done and help highlight the fruits of your efforts!

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