Monday, August 4, 2014

Look Out For... Dakota Faith

Lounging - July 2014 - 07

So glad to have amongst the new Sexiest® Pornstars members this curvy t-girl Dakota Faith ( She has recently celebrated her 5th rezzday in sl, yet her flickr is barely one month old...and already is brimming with sensual shots that display her tempting forms. And of course, the proud vigor of her 'extra'. :p

She has a variety of looks -her superheroine series is very promising- but also is willing to take new victims for her photoshoots: so, I must say, I look forward to see more from her, and see her in even more hot sets with and from others. Enjoy her flickr, please!

Breakfast 03

Never Neglect the Balls 01

Street Walker 15

Street Walker 11

Street Walker 08

A little birdy told me 04

A little birdy told me 08

A little birdy told me 07

City Garden 05

The 'Real' Psylocke 07

The 'Real' Psylocke 12

The 'Real' Power Girl 12

The 'Real' Power Girl 15

Pinballin' 06

Lounging - July 2014 - 11

Rezday 15

Rezday 16

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