Friday, August 1, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 1


Hello and welcome ! It's the first gallery of the month! It happens just 12 times a year! I feel nervous now. I hope I don't mess it up.

So, this Official Pornstars® Gallery opens with multiple Sexiest of the Month winner Athena Obviate, and her portrayal of the hot Justa Destiny. Striking view.
And there's more: like, pics from Rix Spyker, Sam Hanks with Bewitched Difference, Bewitched Difference with Sam Hanks, Bernard Broono introducing (himself into) Darla Watanabe, Melinakis bringing us Sandra Palletier and cupholder Monique. Then: one awesome shot (and set) by Dakota Faith, artwork from Bianca Xavorin, Hillegonda Huntress, Rebecka Fox with Boto Orfan, Kiki. Then, a couple of nawty kitties in Rhiannon Tamerlane's photo and in Neressa's (check out her blog, if you are into the type! It's exciting!), and we get in b&w territory thanks to Laura Demonista, a security camera spying Ash, B.Bode, Scarlett Foxx shooting Ivori.
And to end this, Whimsical Aristocrat's gorgeous creation ' An orthogonal to desire', and a proud naked shot of the beautiful Exene Czervik. Thank you everyone for reading and being awesome, and have a great weekend!

Pedestal My Little SL Family Morning cuddles Introducing Darla Watanabe V Sandra & Monique Starlight 01 Tender Gorean moments Come to me ups unfitting idea Horse and Tiger 3/4 Sun-Kissed Kitten une étude en noir You have the right to one phone call more Ivori Vivian & Mavrick An 

orthogonal to desire Space Two

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