Friday, August 1, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: August magazines!

New month, new exciting issues of hot magazines! Such as


Aroused! Magazine Issue 7

Seven issues already, and Aroused! has a fully original portfolio of pictures to offer. Marika as always does a lot of impressive work here, bringing us 2 of the hottest models on the scene, as talented as they are beautiful: Acey (Asetta Nokkers) and Kei Frequency. Not to mention the pictures from her new movie project (yeah she directs too, apparently! What is next for her to do? Real estate?) featuring in the cast amongst others the spirited JayJay Moyet.

What can get you more Aroused! than Acey wearing just pearls and lipstick?

But Aroused! is of course not just about its hard working (no puns please!) founder and editor: you can find in this issue a variety of hot pictures for all tastes.

And imagine how frisky Chrissy and Danity would have  gotten if it was Aroused  they were reading!

Melinakis as you see above makes a great return to the magazine, but so do Sandra Palletier (bringing us Anais and a very special guest star) and Saka Bonetto (Bonnie's victim are Mayra 'MissNoob' and of course the gorgeous Pussie Galore, cover model). and the model from the very first issue of Aroused!, Scarlett Foxx. Only, as loyal followers of the Sexiest group and blog know, she has evolved into a really arousing (yeah!) photographer, and you will see her in pics with her lovely and equally talented partner Chloe Cotton and Dante. Finally, there's mr. William Stone, in a series of moonlit pics with the beautiful Aria.

Blog founder and titular Emmanuelle Jameson is a welcome victim of Sandra in this issue

So, get your copy of Aroused! Free, on mp

And contact Marika Blaisdale to tell her how much you loved it and how you want to be in it! I am sure y'all do. :p

Before the post is over with my usual:

Feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

...before that, I would like to tell you about

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed New Headquarters Opening Party

But not for a full review of the magazine (that still is out already, so get it !), but rather to remind you of this:

Today is the grand opening of the new headquarters of BUSTed Magazine. We are having a party at 7 - 9 am slt with DJ Khalicious spinning the tunes for us. There will be music, fun and prizes, so come along and join us. Not forgetting the free gifts available at the BBBF headquarters right next door.

See? You find all the infos on the Busted blog also, but... Just head there anyway!

New exciting HQ, and gifts and merchadise and...of course you can subscribe to the new group. And like I said...get the new issue of BUSTED ! More on it tomorrow, anyway. Have a great weekend, with all the sexy parties coming !

Feel free to con...oh nevermind, already said it

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