Monday, October 5, 2015

Making out of with...Entyce Goldlust

Our previous interview featured a true porn veteran, and the latest work from her production company. But I love to give some extra exposure also to a new up-and-coming studio, especially when they show so much initiative. I am talking about SoulLust Productions, and the lady at the helm, Entyce Goldlust.


SoulLust had its start this spring and came back strong at the end of the summer. They are making an effort to try and get their work to be seen, with their movies uploaded on NM and Xvideos, a presence on flickr, social media, and of course a well updated blog. Their videos always come with a matching photoshoot, giving you a fresh, well styled perspective on the animation, and viceversa.

Plenty for you to see from this production company between their videos and their photography. Their claim is "Erotica with soul", and there's the effort in their choice of setting and flow, that backs it up. You can easily see why. Here you have a chance to learn more about Entyce and the men and women of SoulLust.

Promo Video

- When and how did you begin your 'career' in SL Porn?

" Well it was something i stumbled upon. I was a "erotic" DJ, meaning my sets were very sexual in nature. I would play sexy r&b and read erotic poetry for my audience. I even had a radio show called Love Sex & Music. Anyway, one day while setting up a Flickr account for a fashion blog I had been doing and started exploring the pages of some SL residents. I came across Ruff Brocco's page and it changed my life! I had no idea the there was porn in SL.

From there I began to ask questions and and found SL Porn blog read and watched videos. I loved what I saw I am a very sexual and creative person and the more I saw the more i wanted to be a part of this industry."

- Tell us a bit of your production company: what you like to bring to the audience, and what sort of people are you looking for. Many names are not from the 'usual' porn circles, so I wonder, do you scout for new 'talents' yourself? How does one join SoulLust?

" Well its a know fact that there is an "urban" side of SL not by race necessarily but by lifestyle. The urban side of SL mainly listen to R&B and Hip Hop, enjoy Urban fashion and are attracted to larger avi shapes (BBW's, Muscular big assess and tits). SoulLust aims to bring erotic adult entertainment to this side of SL to enjoy. I believe there is a market for porn here.

Most of my models are new to the industry. I get them from casting calls and sex groups I am involved in on this side of the grid. They represent what the tastes are in Urban SL. To join SoulLust you just fill out an application and you get interview and audition. We are looking for sexy avis but also uniqueness and personality. We are a family here at SoulLust so we want models that will fit in well. "

- You have an active blog and promote lots of new talent, through videos and photography. Which one is your favourite?

" My favorite video is a series actually where we highlight the sexy men of SoulLust."

- ...and here's some !

- Do you, as they say 'Rp' during the shoots, or you are more oriented towards the actual filming/shooting thing?

" During shoots we are mostly business, but I encourage my models to "finish" up when we are done shooting it keeps the chemistry hot."

- Have you met any difficulty in particular doing porn in SL, is there any advice you have for newcomers in the business?

" I have my main issue is that there needs to be more poses and animations that are geared to larger avis. It helps when your models' hands hit that ass properly!
My advice for newcomers is to not get discouraged when doors close in your face or when people don't want to work with you. Do what you love to do be creative and have lots of fun!"

- What's in the future of SoulLust?

" Thats a good question... we will be continuing to put out great content and getting urban SL hot and horney..."

Thank you very much again to Entyce for the interview, and I am sure there are many fans of the 'urban SL' aesthetics that will love to watch her movies. There you have a couple, after the jump, the full selection being avalaible through Naughtymachinima, Xvideos, and perfectly catalogued in her blog!

Ladies of SoulLust: Entyce

Men of SoulLust: KoRrupt

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