Monday, October 12, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Parlez-vous croate?

If you feel like brushing up your French, here's a magazine with a certain je ne sais quois...

SL Connoisseur

Now, how to introduce this brand new publication ? Oh, easy. With the words of its creator, Edvard Taurion. We had many chances to cite that name throughout the various blog posts, and in the notices of the in-world group. His blog with daily reviews of adult furniture offers a tremendous service to readers interested in the newest items for their residence and business, and it's easy to see from this first issue how much of an asset his know-how (and know-who!) can be for a magazine.

Summed it up nicely.  True to that, the magazine offers informative interviews, including the reputable furniture maker (and VIE Femme of 2014... ) Alina Graf, and someone we already has chance to took a good look at in another magazine, BelleJour Shinn.

This issue of Connoisseur, presented in a somber and elegant noir palette, offers in the photography department non just pics serviceable for the interviews and location features, but also an intriguing erotic story beautifully illustrated, and full pictorial spreads. That includes the cover model Miss Emily, shot by the delicious Cream Release, and the Pet of the Month (...where have I heard that before?) Racheal Rexen, captured in her showstopping beauty by Athena (Athenaisc).

Athena's efforts are especially worthy of praise in the words of mr. Taurion, as he chatted with me about her role as General Manager and right hand (some times , the real right hand of Ed, you don't wanna know where it has been): this first issue saw quality contributions from the staff listed in the magazine credits, but Edvard is looking forward already to the next issue of this new creature of his, with the November edition promising the addition of other editors such as Whimsical Aristocrat, Mistyk Shinn, Biarzenne, together with Cream. Ça va sans dire!

The magazine is certainly worth your attention, and it's apparent that it means serious business! You can get your own copy contacting Edvard Taurion, through one of the kiosks , or for a few days still, through the group notice history. Enjoy it!

 I'd love to hear more about magazines: if you have one, or have been in one, let me know and I will try to add an article about it , if it is relevant to our readers. Thank you!

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