Friday, October 9, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: TG Power!

Today I feel totally...


Shameless XXX Magazine Issue 2

And I have been feeling that way all week, because the new issue came out 7 days ago, and it's a sizzler!

In case you missed the first exciting issue of Marika Blaisdale's new magazine - do check my interview with her in the previous blog post about it -, Shameless XXX is a magazine directed to the gorgeous shemale/transexual beauties that populate the porn scene. While its older brother Aroused! focuses more on the photographer and their creative input, Shameless is a magazine focused on the model, brought to you by the exceptional artistic direction and photography of Marika Blaisdale.

Mandy Loves it on the beach

Mandy on the beach meets Phoenix and her trusty tube of sun cream.  succulent peachy tooshie in yet another 'study' by Sasquatch a 'master/mistress of ceremony', who brings their own brand of hotness. This issue for instance has one fantastically erotic and, needless to say, totally shameless babe as MC, in Phoenix Sparks. Just check out how freakin' hot her shoot with Mandy is, dayum!

The Delicious Delicence! Oh it has been a while since I wrote it, lol.

But, forgive me if i am partial, obviously I am totally into what Marika does: stunning pictorials of truly iconic models of the shemale scene in Moon and Delicence, plus Yaleanna, a sexy newcomer that would raise even Ivan Ilyich from the dead with a boner, and a great threesome shoot featuring two faces (and bodies) that deserve so much attention and a great porn career: Kalista Hydraconis and Petter Miles.

Three-way fun with Petter and Kalista!

With her first and longest running creation Aroused taking a slightly different direction because of the increased number of collaborations from eager artists, Marika found with Shameless a creative outlet that puts her vision of eroticism on prominent display.
Shameless is indeed a shameless magazine, happy to be porn, to show cocks and sex, with models that resonate so very well with the visual imagination of - as her partner I wouldn't be the one to say it if I perceived it to be any less than completely , objectively true- a brilliant photographer.

Please, go get Shameless, free from Marketplace, or from one of the vendors - if you have a sex-oriented sim/place, by all means feel free to ask for a kiosk (that goes for Aroused as well, obviously). The online version is avalaible as usual through Issuu.

I want to cover your magazine, right here. Is it erotic? Is it relevant for us in the porn community? Good, let me know!

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