Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Remember Remember...

Hmm, I wonder what's best. Conduct candy racketeering in the neighbourhood, or wait a few days longer and burn some guy at the stake?


Britannia XXX issue 7

Ahhh why choosing! Let's have it both ways. The guys at Brit-X choose to celebrate with their issue both Halloween and Guy Fawkes' day, and the results are really impressive.

Brit-X No.7 - Kat pulls a Guy
 Kat is used to deal with creepy Guidos

The issue features as photographers in addition to regular contributors Laredo Lowtide, Kat Kassner, Roxxxy Foxdale and Holly Arkright, also the return of the very talented Cream Release and the addition of photoshoots by Nakuru Bergamasco and Bill Ryker. The models presented are as usual stunning: together with the aforementioned Kat, Roxxxy, Holly and Cream who appear in their own photoshoot, we have Adele Simondsen (by Nak), Margarita Blanco (by Bill), Katina Cazalet (by Laredo). But don't be dissuaded by that last one, all the other models i swear are hot, pornstars or not!

Cream ReleaseThe gorgeous Cream Release will restore your belief in fairytales

The lineup is impressive, and this 'special' really feels as such. Sensual erotic shoots, with the occasional bit of fun typical of Brit-x and in full Halloween spirit. And getting the magazine, you walk home with posters, too! It's on MP!

Just to clear up which witch it is.

But of course as you know you can also keep yourself up to date browsing the magazine on the web. Since it's Tuesday, I tell you what: come at the always fun Topless Tuesday bash at Brit-x club, and while you are at it, you might want to drop by at the Guy Fawkes exhibit.

It's a fun one to visit, and there's also something you should NOT forget: the photo contest linked to the exhibit! Don't tell me you forgot about it. Well, read back the rules (in short: take a picture there, upload it to this flickr group. There. Easy. Do it. By November the 3rd), and if you are not interested in history and the likes, you still will get a laugh. And lots of sexy girls hanging out before, after and during the party, at Brit-x! Just sayin'!

 Show me your magazine, and i'll feature it here! I love to help you showcase your efforts!

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