Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wanna Flick? Girlfriends and Party Buddies

Allright! Time to show some more movies on the blog. Which ones am I gonna dig up from my big porn stash of stuff I haven't touched yet - for blogging purposes at least?
I have a mountain from Dog Star Productions, so let's see which one to begin with...

I already mentioned (and shown) Racheal Rexen yesterday for the beautiful spread from Connoisseur, and this movie is a certainly another good vehicle to let old and new fans admire her uniquely beautiful look .

Racheal has already been in more than a movie, including a personal favourite by Erin Cedarbridge and the initial episodes of Intergalactic SLUTS: a little RL hiccup got in the way this summer, but it's great to see her grace the scenes (and the porn parties!) again.

What is also great, is to see also her partner involved in an adult movie production, and here we have Jezzi Mornington. As you can see from the screenshots, she is a gorgeous redhead sporting as well one unique look that can really draw the attention of the camera.

Camera moved with the usual finesse by Isabelle Cheviot, of course, who completes the team there. I am sure the name and the all-girls cast tipped you off already about the type of action you are going to see here. Yep, lesbian sex galore...

...and in the tradition of Dog Star, it's superbly shot. After the playful intro the movie gets hot right away, but you should always know, it can ALWAYS get hotter. Closeups and very well adjusted animations (the avis appeared a very good fit for one another, with little if any clipping at all) make for a real visual treat, and even without bdsm trinkets, sex is always intense.

And by closeups, i mean also all those shots where the exquisite and uncommon facial features of the avatars involved manage to really add something to the mix. Some real beauty at work here, and the direction is just darn sexy (that look, right in the pic above, wow!). Well, and of course not JUST the facial features, you pervs...

Back speaking of closeups and features...I am not sure if i am ever going to be able to keep up with Isa's amazing prolific creativity, so I really want to mention one of the many movies from ' a while back'. And it's one with some really strong closeups as well.

" Debzy isn't allowed to go to the big party tonight....so she does what anyone would do and brings the party to HER. And what a party it is! Randy & newcomer Remington are there to make Debzy feel better...I think they succeeded!"


If you thought watching the lesbian threesome that sure it's cool, but 'something was missing', well, here you have a MFM scenario right here! Namely, a Debzy sandwitch.Better than any party buffet, with their lil' shrimp tartines and cocktail wieners.

Much much tastier this way.

Isa did yet again a good job keeping things spicy and varied in this threesome at the Dog Star Mansion (she doesn't really call it that way, I do): with very nicely filmed DP shots and a killer money shot, it's no wonder this movie was worth an "11" in the very personal 'after the credits' counter.

Please enjoy both movies after the jump. If there's anything these movies should teach you, is how to enjoy two at once!

I love making posts about your movies, hit me up with additional info and requests please, so i can make the posts more informative, too!


Her own private party

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