Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wanna Flick? Witches that give you a burning sensation

It's Halloween, and there are three witches! Darn, I hate it when it happens at a party!

New Film coming soon Halloween 2015

No it's not a case of too many people shopping on MP, these witches match for a purpose. They are in a movie that certainly has nice costumes, and a remarkable scenery! It's of course, as you can read in the impeccably produced poster, Meg Corral's latest movie effort, one fit for the season!
The plot is as follows...

The 3 good witches become tired of being servants to their Master Kain. He has possessed them to keep their minds and actions under his total control. One night the witches had enough, voodoo is performed by the good witch Melanie while the Master is occupied with Zuby and Brea. The 3 witches become the 3 bad witches and put a end to it all..... 

The Witches of Eastwick story is a memorable and influential one, even if it failed to break through as a tv series. It was perfect inspiration for a porn video, and gives a valid excuse to have 4 different pornstars get it on! From the veteran Kain Flux to the latest porn sensation Brea Brianna, to hot couple Zuby/Melanie Oryl, the 'visuals' of the movie are indeed spectacular.

Yes allright, I did also mean the actual sets: in fact, the sex scenes are very well shot, but one big plus for the movie throughout both sex and 'plot' sequences is the consistent visual style that makes the movie a perfect Halloween flickr. You can check out the unedited backstage photos taken by Meg, to appreciate the differences.

On set Witches of Dickwick

On set Witches of Dickwick

As well as the rich details of course. Well, all sorts of detail, yes, perv away!

Ah, and of course...there's a Meg Corral cameo, fear not!

On set Witches of Dickwick

New H.B.I.C Productions Logo

Always a pleasure to see HBIC Productions continue putting films out there, and embark in fun and creative projects. And also see these talented performers in movies. Which....we will see actually...soon again!

Perv after the jump! And yes, stay tuned for more Mels and Zuby and Kain spooky stuff!

On set Witches of Dickwick

Witches of Dickwick

Witches of Dickwick powered by XTube

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  1. Great Review Katina and such a fun movie to be part of thx :)