Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wanna Flick? How I met your mother

Putting together yesterday's post, i already had a hint of what I was going to blog later....

Hasta La Vista, Roxxxy

Yes, it was definitely time for ...


The latest pop-culture homage by Dillon, is this HBIC movie starring, in order of appearance, Carly Mode, Ryu Quasimodo, some girl with strange hair, Ɓαяßıε™, Jessie R, Virgil, Meg Corral, xxxmistress Muhindra and Haroldo. The plot of this flick just have to read it.

...And of course I cut out part of it. No, not about spoilers, it's just so charmingly explained that I need you to read it yourselves. You know anyway the plot of the cult classic by James Cameron, and its acclaimed sequel by Bruno Mattei (wait, what?), and then those other things that followed and that I want to forget they exist. What was I talking about? Oh yes. Porn.

Dillon plays the hero here, and Carly plays working girl Sarah Connor (if you are looking for her, she's on the phone book). And everyone screws in the streets. And you thought the Reagan era was boring!

You could argue that the real 'main character' in the original movie, or at least the more memorable one, is the baddie, Terminator himself. Itself. Whatever.
Of course it's almost impossible to upstage someone who looks like Dillon (ahem), but he has a really remarkable screen counterpart in Virgil (Virgilius08 Resident). A veteran of the porn scene and a very busy and meticolous photographer and comic book producer, Virgil has a strong screen presence for sure, and as an actor, has been very attentive, helpful, diligent. And beardless.

I can say that because I experienced it first hand (let's say hand, yeah). Yeah I am in this movie too: in perfect film tradition, I play a prostitute with a heart of gold. And hopefully, with a c*nt made of some strong alloy as well, or at least with a teflon lining. Ouch.

As I mentioned in the past, sky(net) is the limit for Dillon's creativity, and this movie is totally breezy and a fun romp, but also as usual well shot with perfect pace for the soundtrack and inspired views. Once more , I am amazed by the apparent ease Dillon displays making silly fantasies become 'real', in pixel form at least.

Everything in the movie fits, from the main location of the shoots, to the few 'special' effects: gotta also mention with special attention Carly Mode, for her work on her look and flavour graphic, such as the 'Sarah Connor' pic I showed above, and the awesome movie poster!

And on the opposite spectrum of this movie with a long cast list where sex is pervasive, wanton, and totally porny in its randomness, I am showing you another project from him. With another artwork by Carly to introduce it (I think she traced it...)

Well I am not THAT late covering it, it came out a little later than the 4th of July!
I admit, I was initially majorly disappointed by the lack of a scene with Dillon punching an huge xenomorph in the face or Meg Corral driving a jet fighter into the alien mothership, but then i realized it was not THAT Independence Day, and that type of parody movie, but rather, a different kind of movie, more akin to another flick by Dillon: 'Ghost Town'.

Sex here has a real intimate feel to it, and it's sorta funny to say that, considering that it's more or less the same type of animations you find in other movies with a very different tone. It's Dillon's direction and the way he handles the material here, that really produces a different result.

And with Carly Mode, we are talking about really fine material! She is good at handling herself, too.

A special mention of a different type of fine handywork this time , for Partee, not appearing on screen but putting her set design skills to fruition for a great result. The scenery here is perfect.

This movie has the look and feel of a porn love story if there can be any, but I am not gonna dissuade you from watching it: in fact, it's pleasant , exciting, and very much a feel-good view. It is a movie with feeling, but the choices in direction and editing don't overblow it turning it sappy. Loved the cover of California Dreamin' used in it, too. It sorta sums up the tone of the movie, for me.

A very pleasant variation from the more wacky stuff we know and love Dillon's movie for.

The movies are after the jump. Nuff said! Hit me up inworld so we can arrange a post about your works: magazines, videos, initiatives relevant to our community are always welcome!


Independence Day 

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