Monday, October 12, 2015

Wanna Flick? Well what about a pizza then?

Let's just have a look at a couple of the latest movies from the mr. Olympia of adult machinima...

Also, the Big Jim of porn as of late. After playing califf, robber/kidnapper and motormouth truck driver (Ok not really...) in this latest flick, Morph plays the most idolized figure from lonely housewives and teenage mutant ninja turtles across the world.

The video features a proven actress in Celestria Magic, and features her beautifully.

You can imagine how the whole pizza thing pans out - it seems to have become a cheeky porn stereotype, and I am not sure I want extra cheese on top of that one, but as fun and playfully silly as the whole premise is, (how do you make something like a pizza look anything less than innocent?) this feature's most striking point lays in its visuals.

The movie ends up being a wonderful showcase for the model and her quite remarkable avatar, and there's some inspired, strongly shaded atmosphere, giving great contrast to the bodies and creating a very sensuous and turbid feel.

Which is kinda cool for a movie built on the premise of: "girl calls in some huge hulking beast of a dude that sticks his dick out of a cardboard box", really! At least he sliced the pizza and doesn't put his sausage through scorching hot layers of pie and sauce, ouch.

Opposite choice in the lighting department were made in the previous Wild Erotica vid, where we see Pool Boy Big Jim.....err, Morph:

Exposes indeed they are, and it's such a great view. I am a tremendous fan of Janna Sugarbeet, a porn model with a look that is, well, the epitome of what you'd expect in a porn model! Same can be said for her co-star in this, tho: Melinda ( MelindaLawson Resident).

So, with such inviting promises, the movie brings exactly what you'd expect. Eager girls, readily avalaible (well, after an undisclosed one hour break that happens offscreen) to take their good share of  Morph and his rubber friend!

Threesomes and hot models are popular turn-ons, and I can't see why would you miss taking a look at this effort from Morph. No frills but a totally pleasant showcase for curvaceous ladies , with hardcore sex shot with the usual ease by the sturdy Dutch, who pulls off some truly excellent closeups of the sunny poolside fun.

Both movies are avalaible on Naughty machinima for your viewing pleasure, and both are here after the jump.

I am the jump! Wanna see your stuff on the blog? Good , i do too! Call me! Well, call Kat. Not me.

Fucking the Pizza Boy 


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