Thursday, October 8, 2015

Previously on Intergalactic SLUTS...

With the impending release of Episode 7 of the best sci-fi franchise...
....eeek!!! No, no THAT one. Put your effin phasers away and let me finish, damn it.

I was saying. With the impending release of Episode 7 of the best sci-fi franchise IN PORN, it's just about time that I get moving and make a post about the previous couple of installments.
I mean....that I bring you a recap of what happened.

 Jokes aside, for all the news from Miss Emily's studio, shockingly enough THE place to go is certainly This post will present as usual a little mix of screenshots from the videos and Emily's own 'movie stills' and Flickr backstage photos

As usual, I don't mean my posts as reviews or critiques I would not feel qualified to give, but merely as a chance to highlight and take a moment to consider some of those aspects that migth be overlooked at first. The best thing I can say, is that I do hope that everyone with an interest in SL porn as a community and 'movement' gets to watch the series. Why? Well...

SLUTS has certainly plenty of immediate visual gratification to offer, and obviously porn is at its core about that sort of 'stuff'.  A porn production wouldn't be a good one no matter what if the sex was not good. The series certainly doesn't let the viewer down in this aspect: of the 44 combined minutes of these 2 episodes, there's over half an hour of sex going on. So, plenty of (good!) stuff to watch and fap to.

Still, when you think about it, in the time it takes to produce a single episode of the series, Emily could have easily done with more ease a few other movies, cast even more guys, cater to a crowd that is not necessarily into sci-fi, etc etc. With a production like this, a stellar (no pun intended) amount of time has to go into rather obscure details: special effects involved here are not just the laser shots in the starships dogfight.
The smooth landing sequence that opens Episode 6 after the credits, lasts 20 seconds and yet took about 5 hours to be done between filming and editing. And as we said before, the very text you read in her Captain logs, requires a meticolous line-by line postproduction work.

The truth is, and I am perhaps expressing an unpopular opinion in that: making porn in SL is mostly about trying to do a feast on scraps, when it comes to the actual sex. It's tough to compete with RL porn (even if the average SL avi is certainly more comely than the average porn actor!), for the obvious difference between filming authentic interaction between bodies, and relying on premade animations hoping that the polygons won't clash into each other....too much. Sometimes I get asked if I really think that a 'plot' has any meaning in a porn movie: shouldn't porn be

I am kinda biased as my fave porn flicks in RL have a plot as well, but my answer is that our imagination has to fill a lot of blanks in SL, and to be stimulated in a different and more...holistic way. Sex and hot avis matter, sure, but the idea matters, the context, the subtle bits that can make you immersed in the experience matter - Emily confirms her creativity in the sound edit department too, by the way. And technique matters.
The real strenght of SL is the potential to represent, in an imperfect way, just about anything we want, as long as we can find a way to. RL porn rarely can count on any budget, and good cinematography there is kinda....wasted. Not the case in SL, I believe.

The effort to do something well shot, well produced, and that can tell a story and occasionally be funny, kinky, provocative in ways that trascend the pure sex element, is something that in my opinion is not wasted - while it would be silly to try that in RL on a shoestring budget for something that is not meant to be anything more than fapping material - I don't mean it in a derogatory way at all.
I hope everyone can not only understand at least in part the challenges this production brings, and respect it, but also appreciate it. Stimulating the imagination is crucial in adult machinima in SL, and I like the way this series is doing it here.

Even without unlikely comparisons with how much it would cost to put together movie sets like this in RL -not gonna see them in any RL porn- the production effort for Intergalactic SLUTS is massive for SL standards too, if only in the tiers for the sim where it is shot. It shows as the series progresses. Off with Kepler, these episodes and the next take place, besides on the fully functional station - especially its detention facility-, on a Tatooine-like scorched planet.

The series already saw a 'darker' tone work its way in the series in episode 4, with the slavers razing a native village, commander Miggins showing some ground and pound that would make Joe Rogan squeal, and a departure from the main cast. Through episode 5 and 6 too, you will see again the writing of the series not pulling punches when it's time to stir things up and challenge the viewer conjuring up emotions and giving serious "Oh, f**k!" moments in true Game of Thrones fashion.

On the road to Episode 7 just about to be released, I hope you will take the time to watch the previous ones as well. Episode 6 ends on a cliffhanger (of course!) with the reveal of a new castmember - I appreciated how the seed for this addition in the cast was planted already in the 2nd episode with just a throwback line in one of the captain's logs. Intergalactic SLUTS is full of small details and humorous bits like this, and I truly hope you'll take time, if you haven't yet, to check out the episodes appreciating more and more the finer details.

Well, and watch the fucking, of course. Oh there's plenty of fucking, as i said. The cast grows, and you have to wonder sometimes if that person will have a greater role in the future , or that major character will end up being killed. Like I said, it's very Game of Thrones-like in this: heads will roll! Well, metaphorically speaking of course. That'd be barbaric, not even Emily would do that!

Plenty of people to see: featured as slaves we have Ąmia MoonBeam Edelmann (AmiaJordan) in episode 5, and in episode 6 Carly Mode, Athenaisc, Alyara(Kaher Resident), Partee and Rachel Avro. In addition to the crew of Miss Emily, Sandy Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Erin Cedarbridge, Anyka Aiseiri and Cream Release, plus Zuby....

...we have as a regular "One Eyed" Larry Vinaver, who is never afraid to take demanding and challenging roles -always looking great in the process- and the charismatic Ali Lancrae, once more tapping into her Domme roots playing " Mistress De Vil" and destined to more than an appearance. Oh, there's of course Marika Blaisdale as the mysterious 'Freckles' , and her newfound brown-haired sidekick.

But enough: after the jump, take a look at some SLUTS!

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x05: Interrogation 

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x06: Resurrection 


  1. WOW Fantastic "Recap" Katina!! After reading all that was done in the series feels like I need a vacation!! But at last Episode 7 will be release on Friday and as you know Ep 8 starts filming tonight!!

    I'm really looking forward to the last 3 episodes of the season and I really should give Katina some credit because just about every wild idea I have come up with I have run past her and Sandy, and she did give a hint to what will happen in Ep 8.

    Katina also know about as much as I do about what's happening in the rest of this season, and what is planned for the next season!!

    Great post (moved you back down the kill list)!!

  2. Hint? :-) I don't know what you are talking about *whistles innocently*

    You give me way too much credit: I might know a few ideas we chatted about, but every episode manages to suprise me. Looking forward to the next episodes, and I am glad that working with you allowed me to get a closer look at the painstalking amount of detail involved in the creation of a sci-fi completely fresh plot and setting. Congrats to everyone involved. :-)