Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wanna Flick? Gritty in Pink's

The tough life of a pornstar. Work on shoots all day, then show up at those parties, to do the whole networking when do you have time to just relax and have a good f**k? out, because there's always some paparazzi lurking around!

In this case, going as far as hacking the security system of Pink's, and getting a good view of the 'afterparty' action! GASP! Time for another episode of ...

In lieu of this scandalous outing, I reached for comment the owner of the venue herself, 'Pinkypie' Ayara Illios. But being the stage for Official Pornstars Parties regularly every Thursday 1-3 pm SLT, turns out that having people fucking and caught on camera at Pink's is no big deal at all, her legal department has it all covered already and she was not bothered in the slightest. Oh. Well, there goes my Pulitzer. :-(

Soooo, since she was so kind to give me enough of her time to schedule me for an interview, I just asked her about her latest movie instead, featuring herself and Pink's DJ Nakuru Bergamasco! It happens to be...

Caught on Cam Teaser

" Who were caught? Where? What were they doing?

Stay tuned! "

And so here you have it, Ayara Illios, about her latest Pink production. Enjoy!

- I really liked the idea at the base of the movie, in particular the progression of it, with matching captions. When did you get the idea for the movie, and how did it evolve into what we see?

" I never plan ahead, all i know when i start is who i want to put in it. In this case it was Nak, who never had been in a movie before, so we just got together, and while we were trying out some poses and stuff i got the idea of filming through "security cams".
The shooting doesnt take me that long normally, in this case it did, took me over 2 hours I think to get what I wanted, trying out poses and shooting all together. Normally it's a lot quicker. I film a lot, and when I edit I decide what I am going to use and then it folds together really. And that is when my fun starts, the editing process."

- What do you find the hardest part of making a movie, and is there any advice you'd give to any aspiring filmaker?

" Lag can be a real deal breaker. And so can some poses be, but you can usually either edit those or get a clever camera angle. Even some editing effects can mask things that dont line up very well. Timezones can make it hard to get together. And the music. I no longer use tracks from bands, i make my own, easier to make the music long enough that way, and no worrying about rights. All movie sites state you have to have permission to use tracks, and we all know we don't usually when we download a track from a known band. So to avoid getting into trouble over that, i create my own music now.
Advice to aspiring film makers? Experiment, and dont care what people think or say, haters will be there no matter what."

- Of all the creative things you do (pictures, creating shoes, being a dj, movies of course, I probably forget some ), is there one in particular you wish you would spend more time doing ? It's probably not blogging....

"Haha, no, I still can't get into blogging. I could be more active making actual movies and shoots, but I completely act on hunches when it comes to that. Never know when an idea hits me, or the feeling I need to create something. And I also still work at a club here as well, so between that and RL I often lack the time to do all the things I want."

- Of your past movies, which one(s) do you like the best (and why) ?

" Hmm, difficult one. They all have some things I like or don't like or that I think could have been done better. For now my latest one is my fav. Was fun to work with Nak, and it turned out into something completely different again. Happens a lot lol.
And "Bound & Blindfolded", cause it's dark and you hardly see anything happen really. I dont care as much for the actual "deed" to be clearly seen or a story, but to me its all about appealing graphics and effects. And I like the tune under it ;-) "

Screenshot from 'Bound and Blindfolded'

 Thank you so much Ayara for the answers! As I already mentioned, i enjoyed the movie lots, with its clever premise and great pace. As you can see, it tells the 'story' by working it in, shot by shot, even going as far as having on purpose some footage degraded to get that realistic 'security camera' look. The amusing captions act as narrator of sorts and play up with the spectator exactly thanks to this starting concept.

It's a fresh bit of moviemaking, and also gives the long awaited porn debut to the hottest (and tallest) midget in porn : Nakuru Bergamasco!

Dwarven Style

Chicks dig that stocky cute look!

You will see Ayara and Nak every Thursday (so, today included!) as they host and dj the official Pornstars Party, right at Pink's! Hope to see you there!

If you have Second Life porn-related things to talk about, please hit me up with an IM, and i'd love to make a post on this blog, anytime!

Caught on Camera 

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