Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time of the Year Again to Go Pink

     Its that time of year again to remember to save the Tata's . It is not only October the month of spooks and ghouls..and us giving tricks for treats ;)  This is the month to don our pink and remember those who have lost, are fighting and to to find a cure for breast cancer.
     I decided to do something a bit different this year. A bit creative from what i usually do each year for the breast cancer shoot. I kept it small , just four models, myself being one of them, the others being Jewel Infinity, Kat Cazalet-Blaisdale Rachel Avro.

     The photos are simple..showing possible different stages of what us women might go through with breast cancer... the chemo.. hair loss, hair coming back... lost of a breast.. or breast.. the imperfect chest after...imperfect...or we  look imperfect or are we still beautiful...

I was deciding exactly how i was gonna do this with removing the breasts, i struggled trying to make it just right..and got frustrated at times working on mine first.. thinking i HAD to make it perfect. But does a removed breast scar look PERFECT...its reality...its what these women endure their struggle their fight... to LIVE... so with that said and these pictures and the perfect or imperfect chests.. and the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.. here is my showcase to the 


**i do have the inworld MASBC (making strides against breast cancer /amercian cancer society)
donation kiosks for october if anyone wants them for their businesses. They have a auto return when the fundraising time is over. IM Eva Brunswick inworld.

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