Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Halloween Magazines !!1!

Halloween is getting close, and what we want now is some themed attraction. What about a haunted house? No....what about a...


Well, it should work, although there is nothing spooky about it, just sexy girls! True to its formula, Playhouse features a mix of extensive photoshoots and erotic stories, through the fun gimmick of imaginary (and imaginative!) letters to the editor. 'Sizzling fanmail !' as it says.

Editor JazmynCrystalStorm getting her mail sorted. Her office follows the 'open space' structure.

This issue in particular is nicely packed with photos of Sexiest Pornstars, with supermodel (we can rightfully call her that way now) Rachel Avro getting the honours of the cover and title of Pet of the Month! With 2 photoshoots to her credit, showcasing her fun side and a more nostalgic and melancholic one.
And her pussy, tits and ass, of course, because hey, it's an adult magazine after all!

Well said ! I don't know about that 'nearly', tho...

Besides Rache, there are other beautiful models, with a rich and delicious side dish being rising porn star Brea Brianna, getting the most sizeable photoshoot of the issue, with her many funny faces too!
But I know you'll be staring at her perfect physique... Me too. I have a thing for tanlines, don't know why.

Once more, it has to be noted how the amount of personal work that went into the magazine is humongous. I nearly sprained my clicking finger just turning the pages of these photoshoots, one has to wonder how Jazmyn manages to do it all !

It IS a Spook-tacular issue, the cover said it!

So, get your copy of Playhouse! Ask JazmynCrystalStorm Resident for a copy, or pop up by their HQ, where you can see what the Pet of the Month contest is all about!
Have a great rest of the day, and stay tuned for more Halloween (and Guy Fawkes..) goodness!

If you have been in a project you want to showcase here on the blog, please let me know! Thank you

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