Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wanna Flick? Massive Omer Action!

More movieness, because why not! This time, it's about the new release by ...

Here's another quite prolific pornographer who we had the chance to cover many times here on the blog! And since I did not cover his previous movie last month, there you have them both. I am talking of course about two very differently titled flicks (because, you know, the same title would be confusing), the first of which bearing a title that would have made Russ Meyer proud.

Gives me the chance to finally blog someone who is no stranger to these pages due to her prowess as photographer, and has certainly experience modeling, with magazine spreads in her credentials. Not to mention, her place is a mecca for porn and not-porn photographers, as I can recall a lot of productions being shot at Psy City. And that'd be yes, Vivi Vixen, aka Louise Francoise de Dampierre. Ruth Berbet. Felizitas Barbosa. All of them in one!

Vivi has a total win of a look, and this rentrée of sorts in porn with Omer showcases her unique, charming semblance and one killer body. Obviously put to good use by mr. Omer. Who apparently is cosplaying as Jules from Pulp Fiction with that wig. Oh, don't ask.

I enjoyed a lot the fresh look of the performers and the setting: It's sorta funny to see Omer's name pop up almost midway through, but I think it was a great choice to let the actress showcase her true 'vixen' self parading in front of the camera. The action that ensues is built up nicely.

The other movie bears the more cryptical title "PSYS" (no affiliation to PMS), and features one of the most well known pornstars on the scene: I mentioned earlier Vivi's helpfulness to other artists, and I hardly can think of a more active and generous contributor to other people's work, often behind the scenes, than the brilliant set designer that is Partee.

But she is very much in front of the camera here, and it's a delicious sight as always, as in this very familiar location herself and Omer have a few drinks too many - I think Omer already came to the party tipsy, I don't want to think that a sober man would put that shirt on , on purpose-, and wisely Partee decides to fight the future hangover by getting a robust protein intake.

A naked blond walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other. She lays the poodle on the table, the bartender says "I suppose you won't be needing a drink?" The lady says...
Ahh, come on, I am not here to tell jokes, I was just trying to see if you were actually reading this. Just look at Partee and Omer below! Yum and all that!

Both movies are very good efforts from Omer! No, I am not the one to say what's good and not good, but I just point out that they both feature two real bombshells of an actress, with distinct and unique looks, and you can admire them in action quite nicely! What a pair (of models!)!

Omer is more and more secure in his camera movements, and both these movies know when to put the lens right where it belongs: up close and personal, showcasing the fine bodies of the pornstars involved.

Including his! What hair will he display in the next one? For now, enjoy the movies, after the jump!

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Vivi Vixen in "Massive Anal Action " 


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