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The Pornstars' Rack: Earlier this month....

Ok. I did Shameless, SL Connoisseur, Playhouse, Busted, now I need to get to those other very special Halloween issues, like Brit-x's, and Provocative and...I feel like I missed something....Oh shoot!

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 31

Right! It has passed a month nearly, and it would be a bit impolite to not mention on this blog the great work brought to Aroused by all the staff and guest photographers, not to mention the fantastic models they brought in for this. I hope their editor is not mad at me, she is such a moody creature. At least the owner is cool.

Most models were brought in willingly, I swear.

I have the pleasure to be involved with Aroused even more closely than the past, with my beloved and exceptionally talented partner Marika being kind enough to let me play with her creation a bit. The formula she wanted and designed for the magazine was simple: photography based, reliant on a solid base of professional and gifted staff photographer, with the support of outstanding external contributions from guests. What Aroused always offered, is freedom for the artist. That is something I always loved about it, and that is something that I try to keep doing even without the active partecipation, instincts and steady hand Marika has.

Face Paint

Aroused photographers can be extremely naughty, as you see.

I am really proud of the shoots that appeared in this issue. I am obviously proud to have a real SLebrity and one of those people who enriched the experience of many users who through the years visited her sim and enjoyed her blogging endeavours, Kaelyn Alecto. If possible, though, I am even MORE proud of the other set by Nicasio Ansar appearing on the magazine. And that's because it was a beautiful collaboration between the photographer and a model from the adult arts scene, and because the pathos and sensuality that resulted is just sublime. Stacia Reinoir is one of those models whose unconventional beauty is worth being explored by more photographers, and I look forward to her next time on the magazine already.

The very photogenic Stacia Reinoir, photographed by Nicasio Ansar, in super Sayan shape.

I said it already in my previous post and in the 'editor note': giving 'magazine honours' to crystaline talents who haven't been featured before is indeed a thrill. Lylah Landar and Gala Lameth are two names that come to mind. Lylah's flickr is so good, I don't really have anything to add about it. Self evident, pure naughty awesomeness. Gala is a total discovery, and to find more about her, you have to drop by at her place. . She has her artwork out, and it's her playground. You have to meet her to understand, her exhuberant personality defies conventional definition, and it makes only sense that just a few hours after meeting her, I knew she'd be on the magazine, with her never seen before artwork.

Gala Lameth takes her photos at her 'Private interracial paradise'. Now i don't know about the private bit...

I'd have a lot to say abou each individual photoshoot, and perhaps this wouldn't be a bad space to do so. I could say something amusing about the 'back to school' shoot by Gabriel featuring Cindy and Mysti, I could explain why I didn't use one of the fantastic photos provided by Zuby portraying her beloved Melanie in what I judge one of her best shoots to this day - and she made so many great ones. I could and would go on for long about how happy I was to see one of the most enchanting models in our scene, Adele Simondsen, earn her photo chops by shooting the beautiful Rachel Avro in what is the last photoset before her current makeover.


Well. I guess Mel's hung.

Of course, Sandra and her talent. I absolutely loved to have a chance to feature Cream Release in this issue thanks to Sandra, and I don't have to explain why. And Sandra deserves special mention herself for her constant contribution to the magazine, and for what she went through. I will make sure to do that, here on the blog.
Speaking of blog, I am truly delighted that Serenity, who doesn't think of herself as a photographer, not one nearly as good as she is at least, accepted to contribute to the magazine. And I really am tempted to go a bit down Memory Lane about Louise Kristan-Faulds and her set, that involves a great number of people on the scene (Curtis Trevellion, Jenny Starveling, Mandy Love, Marika Blaisdale, Rachel Swallows, Sasquatch Rhino, Zuby Gloom).

Erotic Pulp 2

Full version of these sexy and funny shots, on Aroused!

Memory lane because I remember her active and enthusiastic contribution to a now defunct SL magazine. I remember the days of her and Sere working on those sets, dealing with the deadlines and the commitments and I was glad to have her aboard for this experience.
And ultimately, it's what I want to do blogging this stuff: homage the excellent work done by people for projects, and through the imperfect filter of my memory and experiences, make sure that they know they are appreciated and their work was not in vain. It's why people like SL magazines too, incidentally. See your work "out there" is always a giant boost to confidence, and can be gratifying to work with 'a purpose'.

I played a nurse in the movies, I am not nearly as qualified..

I am glad if i managed to give some of these artists if not a purpose, at least a good incentive, and I am looking forward to the next issue! Coming out this week, with Halloween at the doors. It will be heavily influenced by it, of course, but also give you a little escape from all the masquerading. I think all the sets are plenty sexy and...well, allright, I am being partial there. Enjoy this issue, getting it on MP , or IM-ing me or Marika.
There's also the website, but we are gonna discontinue it because, quite frankly, it was becoming a full time job to call the support service of the hosting company and fix problems. We might reconsider it, if you liked the online version on a proper website. You can browse the publication on Issuu, tho!

Aroused, October

Meanwhile, see you tomorrow for more magazines! And just before Halloween, the newest Aroused!, featuring amongst others the incomparable Ziekling Bunnyhug, recent winner of The Chamber Members photo contest that you can admire at Dathui. Bye for now and....

...let me know about your magazines and stuff, I'll be sure to cover it on the blog! Enjoy.

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