Monday, October 26, 2015

Hello! Pornstars - October 26 2015

Happy Ass Monday

For a party post done on Happy Ass Monday, I can't think of a better opening than this panoramic view by Melina JamesonThe photo was taken last week at Club Yana's beach party.

Melina Jameson 2015-10-18

See? This Melina Jameson here.

Yana's parties are getting to be funny happenings, and more and more crowded. In the various incarnations of the club, both Friday's and Sunday's, there's a screen showing the various photos as they are taken. Everyone willing and interested can take part in it and share their photos, and you will see the results later on the blog (before or after the storm of the Halloween parties hits!). Of course, there's plenty arse to be seen!

Mirko Panacek 2015-10-25

Meghan 'Megs' Moonbeam 2015-10-25

Keeley Ember-Snowfall 2015-10-18 - b

Ass AND pussy shot FTW!

You know who I am going to feature in the post, tho, with these above and to follow! I have always a hard time not to dedicate a post to her work: Tammy Jones and her photos of the Sunday party! Enjoy these from the past 2 weeks.

Larry Vinaver 2015-10-25

Erinyes Celestalis 2015-10-25

Akira Kira 2015-10-18

Monique LeFrey 2015-10-25

Cream Release 2015-10-18

Moon 2015-10-18

Ali Lancrae 2015-10-25

MrMark 2015-10-25

Dolly Dickson 2015-10-18

Edward Taurion 2015-10-18

Helma Koba 2015-10-18

Iris Okiddo 2015-10-18

Severina & Isa 2015-10-25

PhoenixSparkzzz 2015-10-25

Nuur 2015-10-25

Marika Blaisdale-Cazalet 2015-10-25

Katina Cazalet-Blaisdale 2015-10-18

Isa 2015-10-18

Mera Firelyte 2015-10-25

Mascha Solo 2015-10-25 - b

Cathiee McMillan 2015-10-25

Zuby-Lu Gloom Oryl 2015-10-18

Partee Mytili 2015-10-18

Mimi 2015-10-18

Margarita Blanco 2015-10-18 - c

Keeley and Emeelee Ember-Snowfall 2015-10-18

Junah 2015-10-18

Yana Grau 2015-10-18

With a little bit from miss Emily Emily Ann's World Famous Beach Party! Wait, no, it's the World famours Porn*Stars beach...well, whatever. It's World Famous! And Tammy was there too and there were a bunch of sexy people too!

Miss Emily 2015-10-24

Marcello Bourne 2015-10-24Terri 2015-10-24
Jenny Robinson 2015-10-24

Jatazu 2015-10-24

Candy 2015-10-24

Erin Cedarbridge 2015-10-24

The last shown is of course Erin, who takes plenty pics every time for the SL Porn blog, which you totally should visit to get tons of other pics of, well, pornstars partying! Come on now, are you going to make us wait? We want you on those photos. Get your name out there. We all started that way, more or less!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

Enjoy your parties, with one at Ocean Haven up right now, and a full calendar anytime!

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