Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Which Witch is Which?

There's no trick and it's certainly a treat, it's....

BUSTed Magazine


Yay! Busted spooky-tacular Halloween special is one of those landmarks of erotic publications in SL, and truly a blast. I have of course to highlight the contribution by every Sexiest Pornstar in the issue. First of all, the official winners!...from the cover girl, Kittyinda Henhouse, right here...

...to the lovely Tammy Jones-Pinedo and her own take on Maleficent, in a photoshoot any magazine would have loved to featured, to runner-ups Brea Brianna and Adele Simondsen. Two of the most active pornstars on the scene, showing how it's entirely not coincidental how you keep seeing them in the work of many photographers.

You get to see the bewitching beauty of Adele and her generous display of hemoglobin later in the issue as well, in a shoot by, well, Bewitched Difference, of course. Because let's not forget, how this 200+ pages magazine is way more than a collection of readers' submissions and promotional content...

Rachel and Be as always put in fact a massive dose of work in the issue. Be rocks the fashion features with a hair-pulling special, stargazes with Sadi Siamendes, and of course travels around the world, meets interesting people and kills them. Rachel travels with menacing looking blades as well, and in the tradition of the Halloween specials being also an occasion to celebrate photographers and supporters of the magazine, puts on the other side of the lens staffers like Leannan Wolfgang and Spirit Eleonara, and names very familiar to us such as the gorgeous Rhiannon Skinstad. On top of, yeah, well, putting together the magazine and all that obscure work.

The Busted Specials always have that ...special feel to them, there's no denying it. While being a magazine with quality, exclusive photoshoots from selected photographers (you can apply to model through their website, tho, never forget that!), in the specials Busted opens up its doors (do magazines have doors? Uhm, whatever) to those readers who want to put in effort and appear in it.
The result is a memorable and really entertaining issue. Naming just a few of the members of our community in it: Zuby Gloom and Melanie Oryl, Charlottexoxoxo by Curtis Trevellion, Desiree Loxely and Mera Firelyte by Crow Mistwalker, Valarie Thor, Jewell Infinity, Margie Blanco, photos by Carter Holloway.

 So, you know what I am gonna say: go get Busted! The easiest way if you are in SL regularly is find one of the kiosks and subscribe: it will be delivered to you promptly! Feeling lazy? Check the notice history at the beginning of the month, in the Sexiest Pornstars group. Or of course, look it up online!

Please feel free to hit me with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions!Covering your work is always a pleasure! 

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