Monday, June 8, 2015

Wild Erotica's 'Abu Daddy'

Had a good weekend? Are you in the mood for movies? Perhaps during the weekend you had the pleasure to take a peek at the cleverly titled

Which features, you might have not recognized him with the caftan and keffiyeh,

And the unmistakable Bewitched Difference and her butt, of course!

I really enjoyed this movie, I must say! It's quite a bit different in atmosphere from the usual videos by Morph, and as you can imagine, it was influenced in its creative setup by Be's idea. (see below, and check the rest on Be's flickr)

Arabian nights by Bewitched Difference, on Flickr

That's just one of the things Morph told me as we chatted when he announced this release. And since he was so kind to answer my nosy questions, there you have now a bit more about him and his movies!

- How did you begin making porn movies in SL?

" It was long time ago...I always liked to film my actions here. Lots of sex videos just for fun but never published any of these before. I was enjoying to watch me and my partner having sex...also liked the idea that people would get excited watching with my films so I did my first movie,and that was just the start in the porn community. "

- When do you usually get the inspiration for making movies, and how long does it take, usually, for you to put a movie together, shooting, editing, adding music and effects?

" Females inspire me for sure!! I am always trying to work with the sexiest girls of the porn industry combining what this crazy world has to offer! Well, the time depends of the kind of movie,but usually films take 2-4 days to complete. "

- What excites you the most making videos, and is there anything you wanted to do in a video in SL but have not found the right place or animation or props for ?

" Nowadays what excites me most on making videos is how realistic a virtual porn films can be done.We have so many options to make every thought a reality in this huge world, if developers could improve animations would be a plus for us to get better results! "

That IS an opinion shared by others too, for sure!

- Any fun story about one of your movies, unexpected interruptions, someone ruining the filming, things like that?

" Well, most of the times something comes up forcing me to stop filming shortly. Most of the times would be horny people that wants to join "fucking" and asks to have fun all together , or some people that just passing through there and just standing and watching us. Luckily we've got the magic "derender stick" and so we continue shooting! "

- Which one (or ones) of your Wild Erotica videos are your favourites, and why?

" This is hard to tell...i believe all my movies are good... people can answer this for sure! Personally i enjoy every movie i have directed!" 

- And lastly.....Your actresses keep saying that despite your rough brute appearance, you are actually a total sweetheart and great to work with. Want to put those nasty rumours to rest and tell us how bad you are? :p

" All i have to say is that more productions will come in future for these spoiled girls to learn keep their mouths full :P  "

I am almost convinced...despite some incriminating evidence.

Thank you SO much to Morph for taking the time to answer, and for making of course all these videos that have been featuring a lot of girls. My full appreciation goes to these filmakers, but also, I must say, to actresses and models like Be who without a doubt can add a lot to projects even if just by providing a good inspiration with an original, captivating look.  And now...

Hey look, a movie!
You know you can talk to me about YOUR movie as well anytime, right? I love to cover your work!

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