Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards : Erin Cedarbridge's coverage!

You know her already for the fantastic reports she does week after week of the SL Porn Parties, and yesterday she did it again. Erin Cedarbridge was one of the official red carpet photographers of the event, and like the perfect paparazzo she is, got shots of virtually everyone at the ceremony, once more battling lag and crowds like a champ.

Thank you SO much, Erin, and good luck for tonight!

Enjoy a massive post with her beautiful photos from the red carpet and the ceremony, and we'll see her again later today, as, I remind you, TODAY it's STILL AWARDS DAY! Red carpet time at 10 AM SLT, for your photos to be taken (you'll see more amazing shots from both evenings spanning during the course of these days). Just IM TheEmmanuelleJameson for an invite. REMEMBER, 30 scripts at most!!

Awards organizer Emmanuelle Jameson

Lifetime Achievement recipient and multiple time nominee, Laura Demonista

Multiple time nominee, up for awards tonight as well, Ali Lancrae

 Official red carpet photographer Melina Jameson

 Two time nominee and Sexiest newcomer Marika Blaisdale

2014 Best Female Model winner, Zaria Velde

Multiple time nominee AND winner all through her career since 1950,
Spirit Eleonora Eleonara, with Hard Rust

Up tonight for more than an award, Miss Emily accompanied by best Newcomer nominee Sandy Miggins!

The sexy Keeley Snowfall, two times nominee this year, and red carpet photographer already last year. 

 Newcomer nominee at these awards and devious photobomber, Cream Release

80s popband duo, Carly Mode and Dillon Lecker.
He also came back home with a nominee statue, and is up again for something tonight. Shhh.

Happy duo of porn people, Bewitched Difference and Sam Hanks. She won, too!

Multiple time nominee, movie star, floor-starer Erika Thorkveld,
with her Viking figurehead husband Graham Collinson, a winner .....but in another Award!

Alisha McAuley here,
 multiple time "naughty grrrrrrl" as chastized by the host October Bouvier and scourge of G-rated sims

 Sexiest Photo nominee and multiple curls straightner, Junah

 The lovely Adele Simondsen, a lock for nominations the next year for sure!

Pair of porn legends and Sexiest judges, Scooby mode and Raelin Jestyr

Multiple seats occupier (nah, I am kidding!) Partee

Here you can see multiple hot and smartly dressed guys: 
Dante Vertes, Damien Godard, jirehco, BAD  darkxx Inaka!

And now, multiple lovely girls, and after the jump, more shots from the venue! The hosts! Down the aisle shots! Thanks SO much to Erin for the great job done!

Iris Okiddo

 Margie Blanco

Phoenix Sparks

Tammy Jones

Sandra Palletier

Ajana Tammas

Jewell Infinity

Desirae Beaumont

Jump and see the photos of the arena, the hosts, winners like mr. Dai, and more!
And COME TONIGHT for MORE! Get YOUR photo taken, dress up, hear October's sultry voice, and more!

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