Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wanna Flick? Last call for June!

My first non-award related post in a few days! Yay. Will be movies, tho. Starting with....Last Call!

Ah, memories , of my first big sale on SL and...ah, no, sorry. This is all about cock. tails.

It's a movie by Artfull Zane! I covered a couple movies of his in the past, but just a fraction of his very abundant production. Expect a couple of catchup posts with his work soon. And boy has he been active this month! With some really nice collaborations with the beautiful Barbie (Hardstylebarbi3).

You gotta love this movie from the cast alone! Together with mr. Zane himself and Barbie, you get to see the super popular porn actor Larry Vinaver,

and one amazing avatar who always look striking beautiful in every occasion and not just in her great photos, and yet is never in enough movies.

I am talking of course of Zuby Gloom.  The very talented, Zuby Gloom. Oh yeah, look how talented she is. Mmm-hmmm! Ok I'll stop being creepy.

 It's a very enjoyable movie that makes good use of the setting. The girls have a bit too much to drink, they dance and strip and make out and....well, you know how those things end up!

 You know but you wanna see, hm? And you won't be disappointed. You might learn a move or two!

What you might don't know is how this other movie from Kayla Whittaker ends, and I am not gonna spoil it !

"Something funny I have been wanting to for a while now. Finally got around to doing it." as Kayla said. Quoting Kaoru from the group, "I like small vids like this one, straightforward sex, short clips".

Well, it certainly is, but, as Kayla said, it's something....funny too!
Now, enough riddles! After the jump, the movies! IM me if you want to bring to my attention more work to cover on these pages. Help promote your videos !

Last Call


 Fuck Me  

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