Friday, June 19, 2015

Serial Clickers - Kaoru Kira

I am as you know, a big fan of series. Series with a lot of nudity and sex in it! But I am not here to talk about Game of Thrones for today. No, although, watching TV can be interesting....ask Carla.
We have an ongoing ones from Krystal Steal you could take a spot on, there's Dokie ready to do the world (again), a couple of other historic series who just don't wanna go away (luckily!), and you'll hear more about them very soon...

Today tho, I am focusing on the work of one of our group members who has always been active in that 'sector', and that is, Kaoru Kira.

Above, Kaoru Kira with Lena (HelenaVelasquez). Ok, you don't get to see her face very well...but she has impressive other features I just could not resist.

You might remember some of her big scope projects such as the pre-emptive take on the World Cup last year, and other funny and special picture series, such as the Magic the Gathering-style cards!
Now, enjoy the sample of some of her latest efforts, on multiple fronts!

Some photos have been cropped because Kaoru likes to post often montages: for instance, this latest album is called 'Triple Pic Set'. For a reason. Click them to be treated to the full version, on Kao's flickr. And enjoy these little samples, featuring:...

Azure Daxeline

Cameron (RavenManSkwer)

Cassandra Hastings

Krystal Steal


And, from a little while back, I must show you some bits from the long spanning Greedy Table Game, here showing the likes of Ozcar Darkfold, Jack Guru, Draven Starflare, Murderdolls, Angie Wild, and many more!

game with Ozcar
game with Jack

game with Wolf

game with Murderdolls

game with Angie

And what about the BDSM set? Here you have Katrina Angel(chinchi1), Brooke (desiredq), the ubiquitous Rachel Avro, Kao's partner Luna (amelysia)...

  DomSub Inspection on Kat

DomSub Just a Caress on Brooke

DomSub Entertainment of Rachel

DomSub Always Next to Me Luna

And again I do a little cropping on photos from yet another 'Beautiful' series as it's sorta titled. That's the name of the stripper game of these beauties, having featured pornstars like Delicence, Margarita, Zuby, Murderdolls...

So, congrats to Kaoru for the great work on her series, and also for bringing so many faces (well...) in front of her naughty camera!
Looking forward to see more from her, and I am sure she'll be busy snapping shots for a while!

Enjoy your weekend, and stay tuned for mubies, mags, and all the sorts! But most importantly....hit me up with an IM if you did some work or project you'd like to see featured here!

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