Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heading into The Sexiest® Awards: Nominees recap part 1

So, as the awards approach... do we need a reminder about the various talents involved in this edition of the awards? Well, why not! Let's begin with the categories for the talented people who shone last year in FRONT of the lens.
For their performance in the solar year 2014, we have these categories:

The Sexiest® Female Model

Bewitched Difference

Photo By Melany Herrera.


Photo By Hoobs.

Keeley Snowfall 

Photo By Kei Frequency.

Rachel Avro

Photo By Jodi Avro-Sharple.

Spirit Eleonara 

Photo By Spirit.

The Sexiest® Male Or T-Girl Model

Daimaju Clowes

Photo By Daimaju Clowes.

Dillon Lecker

Photo By Meg Corral.


Photo By Hoobs.

Erika Thorkveld

Photo By Dokie.

Marika Blaisdale

Photo By Marika.

And when the camera is a videocamera, we have the acting categories. Sunday, we'll get to celebrate the talent of: 

The Sexiest® Actress

Erin Cedarbridge - For 'Blackmail'.

Moonie Quasimodo - For 'Tatooine Encounter'.

Leannan Wolfgang - For 'Scrubbers 1 - Ginger Erectile Syndrome'.

Sugar Vegas - For 'Cirque Nuit'.

The Sexiest® Actor

Dillon Lecker - For 'Masked'.

Gaheris Edelmann - For 'Cheating Santa'.

James Wolfgang - For 'Scrubbers 1 - Ginger Erectile Syndrome'.

Ryu Quasimodo - For 'Tatooine Encounter'.

Thorgal Mcgillivary - For 'Let´s Get Physical'.

Congrats to all these talented people, as already they have secured themselves a Nominee trophy, and a special place in the history of our little community.

See you later for more 'reminders' , and as I said, feel free to write TheEmmanuelleJameson Resident if you want to be at the ceremony , 11 AM SLT Saturday AND Sunday (red carpet begins at 10 AM).

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