Monday, June 22, 2015

Wanna Flick - Episode 4815162342

Yes, this is one of those movie posts! Or maybe it's not a movie this time, it's a whole series in the making? I don't know, I am a bit ...

... See what I did there?

I must say: whenever I happen to chat with Dillon, and it has been going for a while now, he always has some idea for a video he is working on. And the constant in all this is: I never doubt he is gonna make it.

When one day he tells me "I am gonna do Lost", I don't even begin thinking of how complex of a project that can be. I just know, that somehow he is gonna pull that off and do it without using any dialogue, just the visuals, just a catchy pop tune as soundtrack. And here it is.

Can a 6 minute video move credibly -for being a porn parody, of course- in the footsteps of a popular show? Most definitely it can. What made famous Lost at its beginning was the of course the 'flashback' narrative style, and we have in this first 'episode' two of them. All very porny!

Veeeeeery, I tell you!

I don't mean to deconstruct and do a play-by-play of what is a very enjoyable video, just go past the jump and watch it. All I can say is, once more Dillon shows a profound understanding of the art of directing, creating a video very dynamic, entertaining, with the montage making a true difference in the narrative.

Yeah, that dude with the silly smile. 

Small example: the transition between Carly on the floater and her 'flashback' starting with her in similar position on the peepshow ottoman.

The movie is just a lot of fun. A collaborative effort like most works by Dillon, with a big help for set design from Partee, and full of nice touches: not a moment of screentime is wasted.

Well, ok, there are exceptions...

Everyone in this HBIC production looks great, and Dillon makes sure to give everyone a fair share of screentime. Rachel Avro with her dreamy look, Carla Draesia, Carly Mode, Rob Roxley (so very douchebaggy), Jeremy Seasick and M3 Jonson hot customers, etc etc...

Not to repeat myself, but the characters are very nicely introduced and the pace is perfect all throughout the video. Not sure if this will stay just a 'pilot' or if there will be more episodes, but the potential is surely there.
It just needed more polar bears, but nobody's perfect.

And however this is going to end, it's going to be less disappointing than the ending of the actual show :p
Who knows, it might turn out that everyone ends in a weird afterlife...or perhaps warped into....

But oh yeah, I made the post already too long, and I'll tell you more about it later. Just enjoy for now Lost, by Dillon, for HBIC Productions, after the jump!

Here's the jump! IM me about your movie! You know you want to !


Lost powered by XTube

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