Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wanna Flick? Fun with Jenny!

Time to talk about some movies, isn't it? Again , I am spoilt for choice. This time, I am gonna focus on two titles:

Yeah yeah, I should not 'focus' and cover more, but if she is going to be 1/10th prolific as she showed to be on Flickr, I could very well be swarmed with movies of hers to cover. And you know what? I'd love it!
As you might have guessed, that is in fact Jenny Starveling I am talking about. I already chronicled her debut, 'Alone at the beach', and she produced a sequel: 'Alone at the beach TOO!'

I had the feeling from the very opening shot of her debut (you will aknowledge, it was not a very conventional one), that Jenny was going to be an exciting director, and without a doubt she is. Obviously non content with filming just herself, even if she beautifully did so in  her debut, this time she plays with the title ...and brings us someone else for a new world of fun.

It happens just what you expect would happen on a hot beach in SL, with Jenny Starveling! I mean, you have seen her flickr, right?

Alone At The Beach TOO!

Alone At The Beach TOO!

Jenny provides a very crisp quality picture with all the quality you expect and see from her photos, only in motion this time. The action is hot and 'Marvelously intense!' quoting a comment by Rhiannon on flickr (an expert on the subject, of intensity at least).

And I think there is no better example (so far, so far!) of Jenny's newfound commitment to videos than her following one, Fun With Jane !

Lots of fun even without Dick!

It's truly impressive to see what Jenny manages to do here visually: the fingering sequences are timed brilliantly, and you really get the feeling that she is accomplishing something truly unique with this form of expression instead of one of the long photoshoots she has produced in the past.

But it's also the kissing, the grinding..the whole 'feel' of this movie is just right, so sensual, so 'real', even of course with all the limitations and excesses of SL. Jane aka Jane Brown (janebrown Resident) is a delightful presence in Jenny's bed, and since her shoots with James Wolfgang I hope to see her in the work of more people, starting with the letter J or not.

So, there you have it. Hot action, great location (I love Tierra de Fuego), very well picked angles and measured camerawork, and....well, of course Jenny's explosive orgasms.

I have seen much worse director trademarks.

Also, she uses her teeth much less than in the past, it's only safer for  the actors.

Nothing left to say except: enjoy her videos on NM !

...and hit the HD option on the player. Also, if you make movies or just appeared in one, hit me up with an IM, you know I'd love to cover what you did !

Alone at the beach too! 

Fun with Jane 

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