Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Summertime Fun Magazines!

Hot stuff !...seriously, what else do you expect from....

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO•vocative Magazine June 2015

Pro*vocative is back as scheduled this June as well, starting from the wonderful cover by Patterson Core, you know you are in for a quality issue. I'd have a dirty joke about this cover, but it's in Italian, so i'll just keep you guessing!


Summertime fun issue, with magazine editor Rosa's new look. Photo by Ali Lancrae

The photography is consistently good, of course, but I can't stress enough how the writing theme of the magazine does a magnificent job in every issue. Beginning with Rosa's interview with the cover artist, followed by Edvard Taurion's interview with Viara Jewell. One delightfully naughty furniture designer, she is a very well known name in SL porn, thanks to her generous sponsorship and involvement with artists for promo work. Check out the stream of her company to believe that!

Viara Jewell on Ed's couch! Well, her couch. You know what i mean!

Ali Lancrae lets us have a peek through The Looking Glass, beautiful sim where I had also the pleasure of being her model in a photoshoot, and you have a lot more to read from different people with different experiences: a true radio media power couple, interviewed by Rosa, a successful male model shot and chatted by Spirit, and yet another clothing designer by the gorgeous Partee, who also did the photos for Ed's interview.

Ah that Partee! And dat ass, of course.

Pro*vocative has established itself as a complete magazine experience, bringing to the table solid talent from our 'pornstar' scene but branching out with its choice of interview subjects towards a much welcome attention and openness to more 'mainstream' subjects, who get to show quite a bit of their erotic, naughty, provocative side. Which is an attitude on the Pornstars blog we love, and also part of the reason why through the years a fair amount of attention shifted inevitably towards erotica and photography.

Congrats to everyone involved for a job well done, and remember to get the magazine (duh!) in world from the notice history or by asking Rosalee Rhiadra. The online version is also avalaible at Issuu : no need to sign up to the service if you have already other social media accounts, google included, so just go take a look and enjoy!

Tell me about your projects, you know I love to hear about them!

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