Monday, June 29, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards: Marika Blaisdale's coverage!

So, after yesterday's brilliant coverage by Erin Cedarbridge of  Saturday's evening, it's time to show you some more great pics of our gran gala event. The Sexiest® Awards. Sunday. The Movie Night.

Event organizer and porn fairy godmother (godMILF? ) Emmanuelle Jameson

From Marika Blaisdale, a series of awesome captures. Would be a total shame to leave anyone out, so here you have, in a long post, everyone she snapped on the red carpet!

Marika herself! So gorgeous I'd marry her! ..oh wait....

With more to come from the other talented photographers of these 2 evenings :  our veteran red carpet photographer Keeley Snowfall, Nicasio Ansar, Melina Jameson, together of course with Erin.

Best Photo winner, Carlos MacAlpine!


Star of the evening, Miss Emily

Sexiest Newcomer Nominee, Sandy Miggins

The Sexiest Actress Erin Cedarbridge

The Sexiest Actor, James Wolfgang

Mrs. Wolfgang and multiple time Sexiest Nominee Leannan

Multiple Sexiest Nominee and unpronounceable for the co-host : Coeur Noir

Movie star, nominee and past winner Sugar Vegas

Cutie Patootie Adele Simondsen

Award Statue Crafter Extraordinaire, Mirko Panacek

Sexiest judge and Furniture Maker Extraordinaire Jodi Morane

Blog battallion of past and current winners and nominees, Moonie Quasimodo, Ali Lancrae, Bewitched Difference, and Abs Lady.

Anal Queen in leopard clothes, Alisha McAuley

Keyboards: Antonio TooCool
Voice/Bass: Carly Mode
Air Guitar: Dillon Lecker

After the jump, the rest of the WMA....errr.. Sexiest Awards red carpet!

Sexiest DJ and red carpet panther Zoey Winsmore

Blocking the line with her extremely stareable butt, Partee

Leather Lady Harley Chanel

Patient greeter Jirehco

Golden Standard Kaoru Kira

Lady in red Cassandra Hastings

Red carpet vamp Margarita Blanco

Photographer of Stars Nicasio Ansar

Sexiest Judges and stars of many past editions, Raelin Jestyr and Scooby Mode

Esteemed musical performer and old karaoke buddy of Leannan, Telima (Diamond Spiritor)

Dulcis in fundo, Pornstar legend with a charismatic voice and a regular date with awards...
 Thorgal McGillivary

I am disappointed there was no upskirt shot of him, but otherwise, WONDERFUL Job Marika, and stay tuned for more Awards photos the next days! Now, I think it's time to go on with other subjects, too....But there's one more surprise post coming in, too.
Enjoy your day!

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