Sunday, June 21, 2015

A look back at : The 'Lesbian Babysitters' series

It's Sunday, and it's officially summer now! To me that means just one thing... Reruns!

Well, come on! It's not as if lack fresh material to blog movie-wise, quite the contrary as you'll see next week, but once in a while I think it can be nice to have a peek at classic SL porn movies and series of the past.

And for this first installment, I go with a series that spanned across 2013 and 2014 and was only this Spring declared ended by the director. Who is none other than the delightful DJ of one half of the Saturday official Pornstars party, Zoey Winsmore!


The other half being Leannan Wolfang (above)

Zoey in her website, which I recommend to visit, details perfectly the various episodes, which, as you might have guessed, involve arousing (and aroused) young sexy girls who come over the house of other arousing and aroused sexy women, with a purpose! Which is not in the slightest to do actual babysitting.

Yes, the babies are kept off screen during the whole hour+ of runtime of this 6 episode series. Perhaps the lesbian babysitters hired actual non-porn babysitters to deal with those. Or they gave them to the guys. Cuz they are missing too. You know, it's a series about LESBIAN babysitters and all that!

My favourite 2 videos from the series probably happen to be the ones involving directing Zoey also in front of the camera (her look has consistenly been excellent and up-to-date with the various sl fashion 'add-ons'), but the series featured a variety of names who were given a chance to be in a naughty production in a starring role, some at their absolute debut, others established stars.

The sex is consistently good, and I really enjoyed the visual 'tricks' used in more than one episode to show the undressing. I really want to see that used more in the newer productions as well. In general, I am a fan of series, mirroring what in porn happens all the time. No, not just that babysitters are hot and promiscuous...

...well, enough of my yapping, just enjoy after the jump the various movies, now!.

And please, if you wish me to talk about some of the movies/series of the past and feature them in the blog, hit me up with an IM!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 1: Zoey, Karina Taurog

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 2: Miss Emily, Maya (aupairgirl)

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 3: Lesbian Lisa, Jadecastilles Stradjinski

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 4: Zoey, Ashlynn Jameson

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 5: Deirdre Paulino, Janis Aulder

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 6: Leannan Wolfgang, Freyja Nishi

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