Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Pornstars Rack - Magazines on Display!

It's Topless Tuesday. Gee, wonder what made me think of that...Perhaps

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 27

That Marika Blaisdale is at it again, and after an extra week of break following the Anniversary issue, Aroused comes back with more hotness than ever.
Perfectly illustrated by the gorgeous covergirl Zuby, but there's another smoking hot photoshoot by Marika that closes the magazine, with another hot pornstar in Eddie. And lots more to uncover...

A succulent peachy tooshie in yet another 'study' by Sasquatch

Aroused every two weeks offers a high quality creative outlet for talented photographers. So many models have been featured this year, and in this issue you will have examples from the notorious Envy Watts photographed by Sasquatch Rhino, to the lovely girls brought by the likes of Core Nider, returning photographer William Stone and of course Graham Collinson.

I swear there are gorgeous face portraits in this issue too, I swear!

Darker atmospheres by Sandra Palletier featuring Anais Misawa, and the glam and fun of the creative team of Cindy and Fritz complete the lineup of this issue, once more a pleasure to look at, and exemplifying the variety of styles and themes that makes Aroused, if I may say so, a must see every month (twice over!).

Fritz's version

Two thumbs up for this version by Fritz of Cindy's shoot for the magazine!

And you have a chance to have ready at glance a lot of this beautiful variety now in the ongoing Aroused Exhibition! Or is it Aroused! Exhibition? Well, nevermind the details. Aroused photographer and magazine owner herself Kat Kassner together with her minion business partner Laredo Lowtide offered Marika this first ever wonderful opportunity of showcasing the magazine at the Royal Albert Hall building on the Britannia sim. More on it later, as it leads into a great initiative you can read about in the magazine, the Britannia Village Summer Festival.

New Albert Hall - Britannia Village

William Stone paid a visit to the exhibit

I am fairly sure you are familiar by now with the beauties of Britannia, and I mean of course the characteristic village with its lush surroundings, but just as a reminder, there you have a bit of Kat Kassner's ass.

@ Aroused! Magazine Exhibition (II)

You may notice an exhibit in the background when you are done staring.

And as I said earlier, it's Topless Tuesday, ideal day to visit the place as at the Britannia XXX club you get to party in good company and also perv at the eponymous magazine.
Now that the post with that went full circle, I wish you a great day, reminding you to GO GET AROUSED, on the website, or in world on the marketplace...or at the Exhibition, where you can get ALL the previous issues as well!

 Are you in a SL Magazine? You own one? Oh don't be stingy, share it with me, bro! I wanna get material for future articles, contact me!

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