Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making out of with...Anyka

I enjoy featuring on the blog a little more in-depth view at some photos and photoshoots that look like they were especially interesting to make. In the case of this set from Anyka Aiseiri, the choice was rather obvious.
And she repaid it with interests, providing also this wonderful 'extra' photo not part of the original Flickr series.

How hot is THAT, hmmm? Do I have your attention?

Just off the chart sexy, this set enjoyed a leisurely pace in its release that helped making it more special - or rather, not to detract from how good and special it was. Too often with Flickr releases, it just happens that great work gets drowned out in the massive flow of photos there, and it's simply a fact that most of us do not take time to go through all the photos of a set when they are released in a batch.

Earned It #1

So, here you have my little Q&A with Anyka herself: this post wouldn't have been possible without Ali Lancrae, who besides being in the every important role of the smexy hottie on the photos, also helped greatly all the way through, dropping in my mail that beauty of an opening picture. Enjoy!

- How did it all start? Tell me a bit about the idea for the BDSM photo originally intended and your choice of models.

As can be seen in my photo stream I do not do much in the way of sets or scenes beyond single photos, and most of them have been "selfies." I had been agonizing for a long time, with all of these crazy-ass hot ideas for shoots poking at my brain, but I had trouble getting over shyness and worries of models losing patience if I take too long or being disappointed with the results. All of this time Ali has been one of my biggest cheerleaders, telling me how much she would love to pose for me. When I got this picture in my head of a sub crawling across a couch I remembered Damien's BDSM photos with Ali and how hot they were together. Originally it was going to be just the one of Ali crawling across the couch and ending in the lick

 Earned It #2

- You hint in the photo description that it was a 'hot' shooting. At what point you 3 decided to go for more poses than the one originally intended, and who took 'the initiative' for that and chose how to move on ? 

Tell us more if you like, of the actual shooting and the atmosphere on set at that time. I "roughed in" the original lick pose on my own then had Ali and Damien over to fine tune the poses to their bodies, then took a couple of test shots and shared them on Gyazo. I was a bit surprised at the reaction. they both loved the tests and got very excited about the shoot. We held off the actual shoot until the next night. Again, I shared all of my raw photos and we discussed ideas for additional photos.

Earned It #3

The conclusion went something like this: "Ali you are going to roll over on your back and hang your head over the arm so Damien can throat-fuck you. Then, Damien, you pull her up and bend her over the couch and slam her hard from behind." It was lots of fun and very sexy, and Ali and Damien were both a huge help the whole time. It was only three poses, we used. I still feel I would have liked to do a few more.

Earned It #4

- Which photo, or element from the set do you find most exciting?

Hmm let me see. The most exciting thing for me as a whole was having those two very sexy people so excited and eager to see what I would do, and both having confidence in me and encouraging me the whole time. The whole experience was a huge boost in confidence for me. Oddly, I got a little excited while working on them in Photoshop. I do not do much altering of photos. In these I accentuated depth af field and did some dodging and burning. The dodging and burning process was actually a little hot at times, as I brushed across their skin in the pictures to accentuate shadows and highlights. I joked and said I was using my tongue to dodge and burn on Damien's abs instead of a brush.

Earned It #5

- You took the photos, and then had to do a selection process', which one to edit and release, and as you said, you released them 'out of order'. Tell me more about the tough job of selection, and anything that went through your mind thinking which photo would be the first, which the last etc.

Ali suggested I release them in a reverse order so that they would be in correct order in my photostream on Flickr. I had not intended so much time between each each release. I did show every photo to the two of them and asked which they liked the most. I think I took about 36 all together.
Some were discarded almost immediately. Of course they were all just variation in angle on three different poses. I did not want to release too many that were too similar. One I even posted and took down a few hours later because I felt like it didn't fit with the feel of the shoot as a whole.

In the end I decided to just do six. the last selected was the closeup of Ali. I just thought it turned out so cute.

Earned It #6

Well, I am sure this is a favourite for our readers as well! Thank you very much for sharing, Anyka, thanks everyone for reading, Damien for being a hot stud, and again Ali for bringing this post here in this shape and form!

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