Thursday, June 25, 2015

This weekend, THE SEXIEST® AWARDS!

Yes indeed! It has been quite a bumpy ride, but finally this year sees its edition of the 'Official' Sexiest Awards!

The Sexiest® Awards has been such an integral part of the pornstars community for years. Having a 'big time' show mirroring the Real Life Academy Awards helped to create attention and a sense of purpose, something to look out for, a 'scene' to be part of. Helped putting the 'star', in Pornstar.

And that's why Emmanuelle Jameson brings them back every year, and why it would have been a shame if RL got in the way to the point of turning the delay into a complete no-show.

Now, there are THREE things that you should know about The Sexiest Awards, coming straight from Emma.


Duh? Well, we have been burned before. But people have been booked, invites have been sent. This time, it's on. No matter what.

Head Judge Eva Brunswick put the show on the road doing all be boring and difficult parts! Thank you Eva!


The awards are meant to celebrate the community and need to reflect ( I could say....photograph) the current state of the industry. Last year saw the debut of photography categories in an award born around a film-centered scene. This year, for the first time, Photography gets also is own show.

Saturday 27th will be dedicated to the Photo categories, Sunday 28 it's time for the Movies.

Two shows means also two red carpets, and two after-parties. In fact, it will be two evenings of great celebration with the Pornstars, as parties will happen after each ceremony, at the Awards venue, and continue into our normal party schedule, the SL Porn Party with DJ Zoey and Leannan Saturday, the Erotique party with DJ Yana Sunday.

Emmanuelle Jameson , in a red carpet photo from last year, by Keeley Snowfall


Having two separate shows has a very welcome advantage. SL has limitations, and in the past with nominees for a dozen categories plus the staff, it was impossible to plan a signicant number of people not directly involved in the event to attend it. There have been raffles for a couple 'tickets', a couple last minute opening, but that was it.
This year, the load for the sim can be distributed better having two shows, and for the first time it's possible to open the door for the ceremony to more Sexiest Pornstars group members.

So, if you want to attend Saturday or Sunday's party, IM the organizer Emmanuelle Jameson ( TheEmmanuelleJameson Resident), who will check out the seats avalaibility and hopefully give you one of the free invites left.

Just remember, for the actual ceremony: dress sharply (it IS our Oscars, after all !), and to keep lag to a minimum there's a scripts limit of THIRTY. You have time to plan your outfit, i can tell you it's not that hard at all. Most mesh bodies have less than 10 scripts overall. You won't need your genitals, your huds, and it's time for you to kill the scripts of your bling jewelry or hair or anything else that makes your scripts count skyrocket. So put on a little more than Sere did in the photo above, please!

Keep in mind, the Red Carpet starts as 10 AM SLT, official photos will be taken, and the show begins at 11 AM SLT.

Afterparties are open to everyone, but if you want to be at the actual show, be photographed, be seen, play the role of the big time star at the Oscars, here's your chance to get a ticket to it.
IM TheEmmanuelleJameson for details.

See you at the Awards!

Katina - Best newcomer

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