Monday, June 22, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Hey, June !

Yeah well, it IS June, and it was June 65 years ago too! Shocking!

The Living End

The Living End Issue 5

You had me at 'Wanton Young Vixens'

This is one of those issues where posting the models lineup is more than enough to wow our Pornstars fans, I am sure.

"In this issue: Serenity, Louise, Jaimy, Marika and Dokie.
Pick yours up in Retroville, or poke me (Spirit Eleonara) for a copy!

Feature fashions by DRBC, Vintage Touch and RSC."

Marika works on getting better grades, and even more perrfect buttocks.

You heard it right: in addition to the beautiful cover model (well, there are two, but you know who I mean. I hope Jaimy Hancroft doesn't feel ignored, I just dig the epic combover on Tito...) you have 4 of the hottest, Sexiest Pornstars in this issue, playing with their looks in the fantastic Retroville setting.

I dislike superlatives, but you know it's appropriate to use those when talking about the whole Retroville project. This magazine is the perfect presentation for everything Hard and Spirit's creation is about.
But also, and it's one of the reasons why I love to feature it here on the Pornstars blog besides my fondness for well made non-explicit erotica, it's a perfect window of opportunity to show the versatility and passion that ultimately drives so many of the models in the adult entertainment.

We love sex and naughtiness, but also for many of us, we enjoy that certain, empowering way of displaying our femininity that the iconic pinups of that era brought out, and that for us, in this time and age, is even more liberating, playful, away from our present-day conventions. It's great to see in this issue one of the Pornstars who for the longest time has had a true 'vintage movie star' look ala Liz Taylor, with her dark hair, red lips, and perfect pre-mesh body era hourglass figure. Talking about Serenity of course. And one of the most creative models on the scene, Dokie.

And well, on a personal note, I have my own beautiful movie star at home and I am rather proud of how she looks here. The fun she spent putting together the look for this issue will be always in my memory, and we keep the magazine rezzed in the living room with her photospread out. Seems just about the right room for The Living End...altho it's hot, so we might move it to the bedroom, who knows :p

SO! Spirit said it, get the mag in world at Retroville or just IM her. And see you on the next issue maybe! It's easy to put together a good look, hop by the shopping district at their sim and you'll get all sort of ideas!

 If you are featured or produce a SL Magazine, it needs to be seen! I need to see it! Think about me, damn it! IM me and tell me stuff!


  1. Thanks again Kat for a wonderful review. ♡♡

  2. Congrats to Spirit on one of the best projects i can remember during my time in Pornstars. Original, stylish, and standing out for it's quality and uniqueness. Good article too! :)