Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards: Photography - Winners !

Well well! The party is STILL going, as everyone had a great time at the Sexiest® Awards!

pic by Nicasio Ansar 

I suppose you wanna hear the results? Oh surely. Here is what you got today, for this evening , about PHOTOGRAPHY:

 The Sexiest® Newcomer

The Sexiest® Photographer (Glamour)
Spirit Eleonara

The Sexiest® Photographer (Erotica)

The Sexiest® Male Model

The Sexiest® Female Model

Bewitched Difference

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Sexiest® Photo

BIG Thanks to our official photographers for the evening Erin Cedarbridge, Melina Jameson and Nicasio Ansar. Expect more and more photos from the event in a next post!

The big stage, captured by Erin Cedarbridge!

And remember, SUNDAY 28th, you can STILL be part of it too. MAKE AN OUTFIT with 30 scripts at most, and ask TheEmmanueleJameson for details and an invite! 

Tomorrow , starting 10 am SLT , Red carpet, and Ceremony for MOVIES!

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