Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - Magazines! With Boobs!

Point, set, game! err, no.... Game, set, match?
I just am not into that sort of stuff. But I am into...

Britannia XXX

Britannia XXX issue 4

Britannia XXX Magazine continues to bring lovely pin-up shoots of comely ladies who are eager to show their goods. And ohhh, they happen to be also smouldering hawt Sexiest Pornstars!

Oh! with these nicely styled dividers, I don't even have to exert my fingertips by typing who's in this issue! Well, beginning with the cover girl Adele Simondsen, which you'll see in her whole very spirited and creative photoset by Ali Lancrae, you will be treated to, simply put, some of the hottest females in our scene.


I thoroughly enjoyed as always the sets by Laredo Lowtide, who brings us a surprisingly colourful work with Roxxxy Foxdale, and that bombshell that is Zuby Gloom, someone with an unique look that you'll get to see in a variety of roles these days in magazines and movies. To seal the deal, shoots by William Stone,putting his stamp again on his favourite model Star, and by magazine editor Kat Kassner herself, always easy on the eyes.

It's always fun to grab a hold of Britannia XXX and see the effort put by the guys at Britannia to give a good and sexy time to the readers.
I am a fan of what happens in their sim, at their parties, and their multiple initiatives (the Aroused exhibit, the freshly announced Wimbledon-themed spot for tennis themed photos...),  everything shows their great creativity and initiative.

So, enjoy the magazine's new issue: grab it on marketplace, or of course in world, at Britannia village, here!.  And , you can read it online!

 Show me your magazine, if you do one! I want to help you promote it, and just recognize a bit of the work you put in it. Thank you!

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