Friday, June 19, 2015

Wanna Flick? Neighbourhood watch

One of the most intriguing themes explored in cinema almost ever since its inception, is of course the very act of watching. It's deeply embedded in the whole idea of 'filming' someone else, with an erotic or porn movie sharing more than a few aspect with what we call 'voyeurism', both for the viewing audience and for the filmmaker.

Hey, have you fallen asleep yet? Come on, it's just my intro for ....

Fatal Attraction

Now, now, I like a SL porn movie when I see one and I don't need to suddenly intellectualize what I see, of course, but this movie from Meg Corral's HBIC Productions, sets itself apart from many others exactly for the theme, which is carried on consistently through its lenght.

The plot goes like this, I quote:

"Ryu and ViVi stop at the grocery store before heading home. A mysterious man has been watching ViVi closely while she shops. 
The mysterious man begins to follow ViVi's every move, he quickly becomes obsessed and wants her. ViVi has no idea that the stalker is following her. The couple checks out at the grocery store, gets into their car and heads home. 

The stalker continues to follow them to their home and keeps a very close eye on ViVi."

The varied and nicely shot setup of the story leaves room for the greater part of the video to the 'action', and you can count literally a couple shots where the stage is not shared by the couple making love and the, uhm, well, 'creep' gazing over and doing Very intriguing way to visualize the main theme of the movie through these perfectly composed shots: Meg directs with experience, and pulls off easily and in a flawless way the transitions to the, so to speak, money shot of the flick.

Once more Meg leaves the spotlight to others in her own movies after an initial cameo. We all know Ryu as one of the best looking guys in the business, and Vivi is a great counterpart to him in the couple. The enigmatic Jessie, who I admit I am not familiar with, gets to make out only with his right hand, but still provides a very cool visual!

Also, in case you were wondering, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this motion picture.

 Now, if you are a voyeur and live in Dillon Lecker's neighbourhood, you are gonna have a field day, because the housewives there are just...

yes, that.

Then again! What do you expect when said 'housewives' are Erika Thorkveld, HardstyleBarbi3, and Carla Draesia? Most of them are Frenchies, you know how...europeans those people are. Pfooei!
Also, probably the neighbourhood in question is in the Red Light District...

This Production D. feature developes another idea fun and hot at the same time. Do I really need to spell out why the contrast between these 'housewives' normal life and their...little jobs on the side, is humorous? Nah, never explain a joke.
So here you have a few screenshots, showing Erika Thorkveld and Rob Roxley....

... Barbie and Dillon (isn't Dillon like, the perfect Ken? same plastic smile and everything! Too bad he has a penis, unlike the real Ken. Oh does come in handy at times) ...

... and Carla Draesia and Ravenman! ...and some fruit , because it's healthy.

So, congrats to Meg and Dillon, and enjoy both movies, after the jump and a toothysmile by Dillon! Gah!

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Thanks, and now, enjoy!

Fatal Attraction 

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Devious Housewives 

Devious Housewives powered by XTube

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