Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Sexiest® Movie Awards - Winners !

Phew! It's over, for this year at least!
But what a great evening it has been, with celebrations of wonderful talent in our community.

Unsung hero of the 2 days' award, the valiant greeter, mr. "Welcome please go to the station on your Left", the one and only Jirehco ! - photo by Nicasio Ansar

A big THANK YOU to everyone who partecipated in these Sexiest®  Awards, having the patience to put up with the delays and all that. Everyone in the building looked great , and most importantly, the event was much more open than the previous years to everyone  who wanted to come over and enjoy a lil' posh fun, with the glitz of the Oscar-like event. Now without further ado, the names of the winners.

The Sexiest® Newcomer

Lifetime Achievement Award 

The Sexiest® Actor

The Sexiest® Actress

The Sexiest® Director
Miss Emily for 'Legs Wide Spread'

The Sexiest® Film
Miss Emily for 'Legs Wide Spread'

And finallly, an award was given in memoriam of

Sylva Petrov 

Creator of Sylva's Animations Factory, Sylva passed away on June 6, survived by her 2 children.
Do have a look at her Animations Factory, one of the first and best known stores in SL, and have also a look at the Memorial Fund.

See you tomorrow ( a few hours!) for more Awards reportage....and also for some new stuff, of course. Time to build for the NEXT awards already!

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