Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Just magazines

I had a completely different post lined up for today, but after all, a porn blog is not the spot to be preachy about world peace and all that. Just enjoy today's reminder to check out...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #2 (November 2015)

Today as I write it's the rezzday of SL Connoisseur's founder and owner Edvard Taurion, but I am sure that if you come this evening at 1 PM slt at Miss Emily's to party, you actually are the ones who can come back with gifts, thanks to the raffle board at her place. And you can get a copy of the magazine there, while you are at it! Wishing him a happy day is optional. :p

Dressing smart, Athena and Edvard

Getting down to business: why should you get a copy of SL Connoisseur? I am using mr. Taurion's words from the foreword here: "Again we did our best to cover different aspects of SL, from furniture to fashion, great locations and naturally hot girls. They do better job to keep us hot than any whiskey I tried so far."

Indeed it's what happens here in this issue: with the photographic support in the interviews from the Executive Editor of the magazine Athena, Connoisseur gives us a peek in the life and creations of two popular designers, with one interview in true Edvard style as we learned from his past endeavours, and another by fresh staff member Biarzenne Necro, whose blogging I had chance to appreciate in the past .

Erin Cedarbridge (SL Connoisseur #2)

Who's That Girl? Ah no surprises there...

Athena's efforts once more are commendable, as she also takes us through a cruise around Hana Aloha and provides the sexy magazine spread of the Pet of the Month.
And the centerfold in this issue , after Emily's from issue 1, is fittingly enough her self proclaimed (yes, check the interview here if you haven't) BFF, mentor and competitor (ohh!) Erin Cedarbridge.
Seeing her on a magazine cover is really a joy, and definitely long overdue, and Cream Release was the perfect photographer for her beauty.

Chloe's First Night

With those long legs, BigBy Wolf can go have another drink before she gets rid of the knickers.

I appreciated in the past issue the presence of an erotic photoset combining stories and words, and the witty Whimsical Aristocrat was the perfect choice to develop that idea into 'A Whimsical Fantasy'. Her photoset and story 'Chloe's First Night' showcases her talents of accomplished photographic artist and experienced writer of erotica combining them perfectly. Really an inspired union.

So, as I already anticipated...stop by at the party tonight and grab your copy of SL Connoisseur! Win prizes with the raffle, and every day remember to check out Edvard's blog, the only blog so far giving you a complete daily coverage and update about what's new in the world of quality sex furniture!

 I am always open to hear more about your magazines, movies, projects.  Hit me up with an IM and let's make a post happen! Thank you!

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