Monday, November 23, 2015

Jewell and the lads get Movember movin'!

We are entering the last week of November, and I think it's only fair to give some additional coverage to a beautiful initiative you can check out on The Midnight Sun blog (above, Midnight himself). Made for the event known as Movember, designed to promote prostate cancer awareness, it features many male pornstars and a few lovely t-girls.

James Wolfgang

It's brought to you by Jewell Infinity: I asked her how did it started and what motivates her doing such a special initiative. Here's her answer:

" I started doing Movember back in 2012. I thought of the idea and asked someone else to do a shoot of the guys in which she did a handful, and I sort of thought, I wanted to expand it and make it more worthwhile and see who else would want to get involved... 

Sil™ (siliconvydude69)

Also I thought guys' health needed to be made aware and I dont think it had been before, and just last twice I have done this I have heard from some of the models who take part saying this is a personal thing as they have known someone who has had cancer or battling it, and found my idea to be a good one. 

Akira Kira 

So this is why I started this idea, because I've had family in the past and friends only recently passing of cancer, and in a way just wanted to do this my way."

Bud Solo

It's always good to see a meaningful cause produce good artistic results, and Jewell has stepped up her photography taking some really beautiful shots of girls and guys alike. I invite you to check her out her work on the Midnight Sun blog and of course on her flickr, where you can also check out the Movember set putting together the various shots including the past ones, like this:

2013 shot featuring HunterRose Xenno, Nakuru Bergamasco, Edvard Taurion, Khalid Moonbeam

A laudable initiative, designed to promote awareness. Which to this day is the best way to fight one of the modern days scariest conditions. "Changing the face of Men's health", here's the link to the Movember organization, but most importantly, remember what the point of the 'stache grooming associated with the month is, get information and take the appropriate action.

Talisker Braveheart

Thank you so much Jewell for bringing us this series, and go on The Midnight Sun blog to see the full spreads of these fine men and t-girls here, and many more, in the coming week as well.

Gaheris Edelmann

Rob Roxley

GideaNinja Dagger

Jumpman Lane

Elroy Click

Magelo Kidd

Edvard Taurion

Khalid Moonbeam

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