Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Thanksgiving Magazines!

It's Thanksgiving, and there's one magazine who wished you a happy one, it's...

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO*vocative Magazine November 2015

" Once again, we come to one of my favorite times of the year as I look forward to gathering together with family and friends to give heart-felt thanks for the many blessings in my life. 
Yes, it's the American tradition of celebrating Thanskgiving. 

It's so much more than family dinners, hunting and watching football. It's a time when we spend time with those we love enjoying each other's company while we reflect on everything we have to be thankfult for. 
It's about giving to those who are less fortunate and making a difference in someone's life. For all of you, our dear readers, I am thankful and I pray you have many blessings in the year ahead.

Hugs & Kisses, Rosa"

Featured model of the issue, and plenty sexy shots of her to see! 

These are the introductory words from the publisher Rosa Rhiadra, coming from an issue I really enjoyed. Pro*vocative is a magazine made by active members of our adult artist community, but that clearly aims at a much wider audience. Not disappointing in this issue as well, with the usual impeccable editorial and photographic work by the fashion editor Partee, and by the contribution of the other Senior editor Ali Lancrae.

Ali knows how to shoot sexy models, but in Pro*vocative often shows also her talent for landscape photography.

Ali not only brought to the issue yet another very inspired overview of a splendid photography spot in Evergreen Nook, but also an interview with one of the most beloved and popular stars of our scene in Adele Simondsen. It's very easy for me to spend superlatives about the girl, but I am sure that as you'll check out the glamourous photography of Texas Rob McRae and read the usual, sincere positivity that Adele's words tend to radiate, you'll have to agree that it's one high note to close the issue on.
An issue that opened once again with an outstanding cover, from the featured artist of the month.... 

Blow on these....for luck.

Undoubtably one of the best and Sexiest photographies of 2014, from Spirit and Hard ! And many more inside!

Yes, Pro*vocative had distinguished itself these months for the great quality of their covers, by some of the finest talents around. And this time, this talent happens to be one woman who needs no introduction, but needs you to read the issue, and her interview by Rosa.
This time she is the one being interviewed (I still remember her deliciously spicy shoot/interview she conducted last year for Thanskgiving), and I am gonna cut it short because there's nothing I can add at this point for this multiple Sexiest Award winner and nominee whose work has been picked already more than once on the SL webpage as Pic of the Day.

Stacy is one of the Pornstar models from the fashion feature by Partee in this issue, together with Mimi and Kei !

Just enjoy Pro*vocative, with the joint work of its staff, grabbing your copy in world or reading it online on their blog (archive on Issuu). And don't forget to upload your work in their Flickr group, you might end up in the mag in Rosa's picks!

Also, I am always happy to feature your work as well on the blog: feel free to write me in SL and we can perhaps arrange something!

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