Saturday, November 28, 2015

Making out of with ....Carly Mode

I love giving space on the blog for some of the most interesting artists on the scene to present their work more at lenght. This time I have the pleasure to chat once more with Carly Mode.


This post will have 'the jump' quite a bit sooner than usual, because both the interview and the screenshots are not gonna be spoiler-free! Without giving the movie away, I don't want to unveil too much about it if you haven't seen it yet a month into the release. Watch the movie without knowing -anything- about it and you'll have a real laugh, I promise. The movie is every bit as enjoyable even already knowing all the 'circumstances', though. What you need to know is , it's a HBIC production, and it features Carly herself, Dillon, Brea Brianna,Carla Draesia, Edvard Taurion, Carly's sis Jellybean with her pandas (none of which harmed during the motion picture), M3Johnson, Melanie Oryl, Meghan Moonbeam.

A very clever concept executed in true Carly style. Because she truly has developed already a 'style', even with just a handful of vids made. Cute, funny, inventive visually, high in sexual content and calories!
Without further ado, Carly Mode talking about "Him" while she is working on her new movie and figuring new way to shoot.

- It's been 6 months since the release of your first movie. Not asking if you see improvements but...actually yes, do you feel that your skills as film maker have improved with experience? Be inspirational, come on. Tell us something you learned about films, or SL in general.

" I've discovered new tricks, and how to control camera movements better. As a filmmaker, i appreciate sl movies more and watch as many movies as possible. There is so much talent out there, and im inspired by everyone's work and their creativeness.

I'm still very new to the craft, I love it when i find a new feature to use. I must admit that I am getting kinda annoyed of all my spinning shots. I get dizzy while editing. though I do think that with time, I will learn how to not be so "spiny".

Watch the movie now if you haven't yet....and the rest of the interview is after the jump!

Him powered by XTube

Read the rest and watch more screenshots now!

- About "Him". Tell me about the idea for this movie. Is craziness a hereditary trait, or is it something that comes from a troubled youth and candy abuse?

" Nah, its not hereditary, although its anchored deep in every cell of my being.
I just love SL, it allows me to live crazy things, and even things so crazy i could never have thought of it myself. I get to share it, and im still amazed that people actually watch what i do. And seem to enjoy it, to me, THAT is crazy and insane. I am so thankful for every view, and it just makes me wanna do more.
I haven't had a troubled youth or candy abuse, although i do abuse candy regularly. Especially when I made the candy movie.

Teacher/student porn has been proven popular over and over, but I wanted to be different and funny. Back in high school I was boy crazy... never had a thing for a teacher but I liked guys, A LOT. If I had been a youth today, I am pretty sure I woulda sent nudes to almost every crush I had. That is sooo bad! (not).
And I am way to lazy to stalk anyone, plus I'd have to study how to properly stalk, I'd be horrible at it. Though it is fun to pretend."

- This is not the first time that a movie of yours has scene(s) in really peculiar settings. Tell us a bit about the opening scene: who made the set, how long did it take and how was filming there

" I LOVE peculiar settings. they make me so happy. The opening was meant to be a short dream sequence, i tried to build a small set, got annoyed, then i realized i knew a great builder, Dante (getyourcrayon). I was lucky that he was bored at the time and totally got my concept, i suspect he has a lil insane in him too, and while i went to sleep he created my awesome heaven. lol.

I have since decided to get him to build my sets, and forced him to agree to it, yay. He does custom work, so hit him up if you need something awesome built. If anyone knows any crazy insane sims id love to get LM's too. =D The school and city scenes were shot at Retroville. Who doesn't love that place? So many movies and pictures are made there and every time it is awesome and different. This is why i love SL ! "

- Considering the other locations as well, how long more or less did it take to film it all, and was there any particularly difficult, 'challenging' scene to shoot?

" The challenge was shooting more then 2 people, OH and walking... OMG filming ppl walking suuuuucks!
Filming other people, even tho this movie only had others as non sex roles, it was challenging and much more time consuming. I work well with Dillon because we've known each other so long, and i conned my big (and amazingly awesome, although she steals all my clothes) sister into being featured in it, she gets me and was easy to film also, its harder with people you don't know as well, cause you gotta be polite, proper and nice lol "

- What is the best part of doing what you do. all in all? :-)

" The best part? Hmmm, well really, its just so much fun. I get to work with fun people, I get to let the insane out and I have one more reason to have sex with Dillon lol. He is always up for anything, even tho he doesn't always understand my messed up mind, he goes along with it and thoroughly enjoys calling me crazy and insane (in French of course) the whole time. Im very lucky to have such a great partner in crime.

SL is a magical place, and all my years in sl I always felt so lucky to see some of the thing i seen and do.Now i get the chance to share some of that with anyone willing to watch what i do. I am so thank full for the great people i have had the chance to meet doing this and all the support and kind words of encouragements. It just pushes me to find hidden stories in SL."

- Thank you so much and chat to you soon I hope!

It's always a pleasure talking to you, and to many more pizza slices in our future ;)

Watch the movie after the...oh. Well, ok, you already have. Well, hit me up in IMs for more blogging ideas!

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