Friday, November 13, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : Friday the 32nd!

It's Friday the 13th, so which better day to put the highlight on some things that saw the light for Halloween but that I haven't 'reviewed' yet here on the blog. And of course I am talking about...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 31

Halloween stimulated the creativity of all the artists involved, and it was a real joy, and actually made me a little nervous, to have to deal with such an abundance of excellent photoshoots. Aroused normally doesn't run themes, as it is entirely about the photographers' freedom, but this issue certainly had a distinct otherworldly flow to it.

DoubleDeez Dethly is one of the three sensationally beautiful models shot by Spirit in her 'Tones' photoset. 

It was really a beautiful adventure to put the issue together, and I believe the best tribute I can pay to the artists in it is saying how thankful I am for this - but I don't want to wait till Thanksgiving to make this post, especially because by then the NEW issue of Aroused will be out by then!
I can only say that it was impossible for me not to take this chance to put on the cover the wonderful Tatiana Easterwood in her juicy halloween scene, but it was also great to have on the teaser of the issue a pic from the sublimely crawly shoot Nicasio Ansar did with the, insert redudant adjective here, Ziekling Bunnyhug.

Ziekel v (9.28.2015)

Adele Simondsen managed to sneak into yet another eerie pic and can now add 'Shadow Model' to her credentials.

And really, so many shoots of this issue captured the mood in a perfect way. From the darker side of Halloween with Nakuru's shoot with the bewitching Zynda, Adele Simondsen's moonlit erotica and Luigi Trappatoni's obscure nightmare (featuring also Junah, Erika Thorkveld, Fleur Coco, DarkAngel69 Vig, IlenaAphris, Leena BigBoots, Cindy Frindy, Erika Madazahatter), to the pastel tones of Lylah Landar getting treated with no tricks by Damien Godard in a candy paradise, and Cream Release wearing one costume that certainly makes it hard to keep 'Quiet' and would make her noticed in a desert as well.

Shhh... (Aroused! #32)

For all the Metal Gears fans out there, something that is not just metal.

From the gorgeous colours of the autumn in Lara Dieterle's photoshoot to the ethereal atmospheres of Spirit's shoot with Double Deez, Kristal Kastle and Hyst Vicious, the issue opens with the Erotigacha 5 winner Melina Jameson and closes with a special dedication signed Athena Obviate, to her partner.
And in between, I had the pleasure to show a bit more of a place dear to me and increasingly popular amongst the pornstars crowd, thanks to the effort and talents of their regulars. I am talking of course of Brit-X. You know them for the Topless Tuesday party, for their magazine (latest issue came out yesterday!), and for the absolutely amazing sexiness they set Flickr on fire with, like it was Guy Fawkes on the 5th.

Club, promenade....also carwash and colonic clinic? Dunno! Check out the whole set in the mag to find out! 
Laredo and Paige did an excellent work as photographers, together with the wonderful Kat. Kassner of course.

I am really happy of the reception the magazine got in its release close to Halloween, it has been a real blast: I also received literally dozens of response for this 'ad' my partner invented , promoting a new initiative her naughty mind devised !

Spread For Me...

Want to find out more? Well, easy. Check out Aroused's issure 32. It is all soaked up in the Halloween spirit and pumpkin juice typical of its release date, but it won't go stale: you can fetch it from Marketplace, or of course read it on Issuu! But if you grab the copy in-world, you'll be eligible also for the very special 'Fuck the editor' , i mean, 'Spread for me' live photoshoot feature! So go hit that MP (or kiosks, IM me or Marika Blaisdale for one if you have a club/store/public place you want it at), and check out all the nawty stuff the amazing Aroused artists invented. Have a great day!


...and stay tuned for the next issue. Somehow, i think that the message looks better when it has some ass to go with it.

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