Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: The Spy Who Lubed Me

Oh come on, have you no shame at all? Why yes, because I am...


Shameless XXX Magazine Issue 3


Clearly all of you reading are waiting on the edge of your seat for my completely unbiased opinion about the magazine by my partner Marika Blaisdale. I mean, it's so important. It's not as if you can pick up the magazine yourselves for free on marketplace, read it on Issuu, grab it from the group notice history... and form your own opinion.

The bodaceous Robin Rondini brings always first class looks to any magazine and project.

But you know why I write stuff here: movies, magazines, the work of various pornstars and artists, I try to bring 'my opinion' about the material after listing the fundamentals essentially just to highlight the aspects that caught my attention and sparked my enthusiasm: it's better than a cold catalogue, I would imagine.

So of course now here's the cold catalogue of what you find in this issue of Shameless (xxx) ! Nah, I am kidding, I'll waffle about it for a few more paragraphs, of course!
I traded too many terrible movie title puns with Tammy to take it easy.

Stay tuned for Quantum of DatAss, On Her Majesty's Escort Service, Poonraker, and of course Octopussy!..
....ok forget the last one, that's just too vulgar.

The 'Mistress of Ceremony' in this issue is the lovely and very talented Tammy Jones. You know her as your resident Sunday party paparazzi, but also as a sexy switch model and a photographer who could easily run for an hypotetical "Most Improved Of The Year" award, with her creativity and taste for artistic experiments. Her 'For Your Ass Only' photoset starring Alisa Bedwell plays with a very famous movie series, with a very personal reinterpretation of the iconic title sequence motif.

Marika and Veronica, for some hot t-girl action!

And the rest is of course entirely Marika's work. Featuring in X-rated action alongside a willing victim the algid Monderas Bristol, putting the naughty (not to mention her c**k) in a pictorial with Veronica Rachter, and showcasing beautifully the cute owner of one of the hottest clubs of the transgender scene, and the wickedly sexy Robin Rondini.


You say Robin, you think Rachel of course, and it'd be silly of me to miss a chance to plug the great exhibition Marika and Rachel are still having for the rest of the week at Katmee's Gallery. I already wrote about it, but hey, have you visited it yet? Because you so should, if you haven't.

And you should write me about your magazine, movies, projects, if you want to be featured and share what you do! . Ok, the disclaimer snuck up on me, so I am wrapping the post up telling you again, get the magazine, and you won't be disappointed!

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